topless under the pier

Under The Pier

topless under the pier

As I’ve mentioned before I set myself a challenge this summer. To ease the post holiday blues I decided to get 5 locations a day for the scavenger hunt. On day one I visited a local town, and found myself at the beach, and in amongst the pretty flower displays. While I was enjoying a swim (after the beach picture) I wondered about the pier. I discounted it immediately. In my mind I would have to be on top, in the gawdy surroundings of the tourist trap.

But that isn’t the only way to enjoy the pier.

And for a woman who loves interesting and brutal architecture why would I spend my time on the top? Surrounded by Tuppeny Nudgers, loud music and bright flashing lights? The sea is my happy place, and as my bare feet carried me down the sands I noticed the beauty of the underbelly. It isn’t the first time I have been taken aback by its beauty, but this time I realised that maybe I could add a little something…

Yes, I certainly could. Wet hair, sea chilled nipples and a seemingly never-ending view.

I am relieved to say that there was only one other scavenger hunter that’s bagged the pier as a location. Relieved is the word as K featured on my most recent scavenger hunt post. I do try to mix it up a little. But as I was writing this one I remembered that her post A Modest Ap-pier-rance was my first time exposed to a scavenger hunt post! I loved her sense of fun, and felt inspired to jump on board. It only took me two and a half years to emulate her efforts and

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Sinful Sunday
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