Working in harmony with a favourite photographer

Working In Harmony

Working in harmony with a favourite photographer
Photo: Tony James Photography

When everything is working in harmony life feels so much better. I have mentioned before about my tendency to push and push and push until everything is in a muddle. And I’m getting better at recognising this sooner these days. Of course I do have a lot of support in this area, thanks to the watchful eye of Sir.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony”


As I said at the start of May, April left me in energy deficit. Shutting off from certain areas (like social media) and recharging in peace has helped. But there are other things which have had a huge benefit on me, allowed me to restore balance.

I remember Brigit Delaney’s post 14 qualities of a good dominant.

Like much of Brigit’s work, I love this post. I found so much of Sir in the 14 traits she lists, and it is one of the posts that I send friends to as recommended reading- so go and read it! But the relevant attribute I want to talk about today is Fostering Creativity & Innovation. Over the years, a lot of his tasks have required me to get creative in one way or another- he is not a micromanager! This could be around sexual escapades, missions to entertain him, or assigned Art Tasks.

And this has led to me stretching my wings and trying new things.

When we first met, nearly 7 years back I don’t think I’d ever taken a selfie, let alone a lewd one. But three years ago I set up my first ever photo shoot. Not as a task, just because I wondered what it would be like, and I was massively curious about the results. I was desperate to share with Sir too, when the edits came through. My creative confidence grew along with my portfolio. But then life changed and I hit pause- on so many things- including Barefoot the model.

With lockdown restrictions easing, I’ve started modelling again.

Two Safe For Work shoots helped me learn some new skills, I saw myself in a very different light with these two wonderful young lady photographers. But I was beyond excited to get back to working with Tony. Our creativity is very much in sync, and our work has popped up on here a number of times.

It is this creativity nurtured by Sir (like so many other aspects of my psyche) which is vital for my happiness. When it is squeezed out of me like Orange juice in a press, as it was in April, it sucks the joy right out of me. I loved the work that I shared, but it wasn’t always a pleasure to get it done. However, when I find balance and order, my natural rhythm, I’m able to work in harmony. With others, for Sir and, just as importantly, with myself!

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Did you enjoy the image on Working in Harmony? Here are two more images that Tony and I have created together:


  1. That image is absolutely stunning!
    I find that when I am in harmony with myself – which currently I am not – it’s easier to be in harmony with others too. I guess we are all a work in progress, and I love how your Sir encourages you on so many levels.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I dive inwards when I’m out of sync with myself. I often think I must be such hard work for him, bit he doesn’t complain so it must be OK N xx

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