Would I get well stuffed with this pink and grey double penetration dildo, fresh from the box.

Well Stuffed? Monster Double Penetration Review.

Would I get well stuffed with this pink and grey double penetration dildo, fresh from the box.
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There’s something intoxicating about a double penetration dildo. The promise of getting well stuffed, without needing to grow a third arm, or ask for help. To feel the stretch in both holes at once. Or perhaps maybe just one hole been extra filled, taken by storm. So often they are mildly disappointing, being let down by the size, or the flexibility, or because they’re trying to be all things to everyone.

I have found a real treat, and it’s a bit of a Monster! (Literally.)

The Big Shocked Centaur is a double penetration dildo, sporting a pair of glans- one styled on a horse’s cock the other more traditional human penis. Both with incredible textured bands running down their shafts. As always my brain didn’t translate the numbers on the website into actual, physical dimensions which meant that I was rather taken aback when I opened the weighty parcel and heaved* out its contents.

Weighing in at g ‘heaved’ is the appropriate word. It measures 27cm in length. The larger dildo has an insertible length of 23cm, it’s circumference is 21cm at its widest and 15cm at the tip. The diameter is 6.7cm and 4.8cm respectively. The insertible length of the smaller dildo is 16cm, and the circumference increases from 12cm at the tip to 13.5 cm at its widest point, midway own the shaft. (The corresponding diameters being 3.8cm and 4.3cm.) It certainly lived up to my fantasy of a thorough stuffing, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

The beautiful colours don’t show clearly in the above picture, but this is only a quick snap taken for Sir when I opened the box. Wrapping my hand around the larger shaft I noticed that my fingers didn’t quite touch. Millimetres of gap taunted me. Not for the first time did I question my life choices. The smaller shaft gave off an altogether more modest air. At least, I thought, I’ll be able to ride one of these silicon cocks.

In all honesty, I hadn’t noticed the colourway title when making my choice.

It is Raw Meat, not an enticing name for me, but worth my ignoring as it’s gorgeous! I loved the colour when I saw it on the Unicorn tentacle and, had it not been for the glow-in-the-dark beauty that caught my eye, I may not have even discovered the Centaur. But so intent was I on seeing what else was available in the colour that had been pipped to the post I couldn’t help but scroll through the options.

Was I able to get well stuffed?

You bet! Well and truly, by definition, is the way I’d describe proceedings. If I’m using two dildos for double penetration, I tend to start in the more challenging hole. Obviously, with the Centaur, this really wasn’t an option. Starting gently with the larger of the two insertible shafts I lubed myself and the glans- then wiped my hands so I could grip- then lowered myself onto it. Working deeper took some time, but I wasn’t in any hurry. By the time it was buried inside me I felt stretched in all directions but comfortable.

Rocking back and forth I was able to enjoy the sensation on my cervix. Now, I have a friable cervix. It’s nothing to be concerned about, but it does mean that some of my favourite men and toys can cause discomfort and spotting after vigorous play. I only mention it now as the flexible and gently contoured (also slightly flat) tip have left my delicate inner workings intact.

[On a side note, if you experience post-coital bleeding it’s important to get checked out. I know it’s scary, to face the unknown, but it is highly likely that it’s a non-issue (medically) and if it needs treating? Well, sooner rather than later is the key.]

Right, back to the review…

As the Centaur stretched my vaginal walls the ridged patterns came into their own. They aren’t subtle, when you look at them, but they aren’t uncomfortably lumpy inside. Instead they spark sensations, not dissimilar to the way distended veins do on an incredibly erect cock. But more sparky, more sensations.

Image Shows the textures of the shaft

I also became acutely aware of the smaller shaft gliding up and down my crack. Again, those ridges work hard. This time massaging my anus, delighting and relaxing it. Leaning forward I reached behind and found the right angle. Which wasn’t hard, the tip is slightly pointy and the medium-firmness shaft angled to my anatomy easily. Because the shaft is relatively narrow (compared to its thicker sibling shaft) it didn’t give me cause to sharply inhale, as I might with a plug for example. While I love that gasp I didn’t miss it with this combination of insertion.

Have you heard the “stuffed to the gunnels” expression before? That was me as I engulfed the Centaur.

The first time I tested the Centaur I was on my bed. I wanted to ensure I was as comfortable as possible given the oncoming assault to my nether regions. I found this useful on my knees as I discovered I could rock on the two shafts, forcing one in deeper while the other pulled out slightly. Some might say this is the perfect DP, and certainly, I was finding the “cock action” pretty perfect.

On its second outing I took a firmer approach, heading for the floor instead of the well cushioned mattress. The ride action was much firmer, and my knees weren’t too unhappy (once I placed my bunny matting down to protect them.) As I’ve previously found with Big Shocked dildos, the suction cup base is incredibly strong. It stands up to a lot of hard work. Pulling back from a vertical surface didn’t show up any issues here. I have noticed they don’t enjoy a twisting action, not that toys generally undergo torsion when working hard for us. But the rocking motion, that is half-way between a pull and a twist. How would the suction cope with that? I may as well have just been pulling away, it stayed firm awaiting my next hip roll.

a strong suction base allows riders to get well stuffed

So, I enjoyed filling both holes and riding the centaur like a brazen slut.

In the same vein, I also enjoyed using it for double vaginal penetration. This being a particular favourite of mine I couldn’t missed the opportunity to test the centaur in this way. Getting the smaller shaft in was a little tricky, but with a little water-based lube and some perseverance I was able to feel the stretch that I enjoy so much.

I’ll be honest, the thought of double anal penetration crossed my mind but I know my own limits. As much as I wish to give you a thorough review, I don’t wish to injure myself through over stretching.

Tapping away at the keyboard I have another idea. Could I use the smaller option on its own? With the larger one used as a clitoral grinder.

That is a very pleasant sensation. I think I’d need to have been edging for a spell to orgasm this way. However, it’s not always about the climax. Pleasure is the measure, and finding ways to tease myself for Sir, to humiliate myself under his gaze… (Grinding against one of the Centaurs cocks while fucking the other, not quite getting off but desperate to… Now, that sets things in motion too.)

The Centaur gives off good vibes!

It is definitely worth mentioning the firmness of the silicone here. In order to achieve double penetration with a single toy, I find there needs to be a certain level of softness. If the toy is too firm it can push in the wrong direction internally, making it impossible to work up a rhythm or enjoy the shafts as they slide in and out. If they’re too soft then inserting the second is such a mission that I get frustrated and discard in favour of two separate, more suitable, toys. Big shocked have got things spot on, for my needs. Both shafts are firm enough to slide in smoothly (once the muscles have relaxed a little) and to massage the muscles thoroughly. Yet it is soft enough that it bends to your interior, giving a comfortable, responsive ride.

And with this firmness comes the ability to carry vibrations throughout the toy. As I worked myself into a frenzy, I applied my Doxy I massaged the suction base at the same time as my clitoris.

The powerful vibrations coursed up the shaft and brought an explosive, prolonged orgasm from me. One which continued much longer than either clitoral, vaginal or anal alone would have done. Teamwork makes the screams work!

Well… I got stuffed with love and a double dildo.

Over the weeks that I’ve been testing this double dildo the Centaur has raised the bar for my expectations. Size wise, I was a little intimidated by it when I first opened the parcel. Quite unlike any other double shafted toy I’ve used in the past, the size and the patterns seemed like they’d be too intense. My experiences of using the Centaur though, they show it in a very different light. Yes, the larger cock is generously proportioned, but you don’t need to take all of it at once. The smaller shaft is an easier size, not too big and not too small. And for an insertible toy there is a surprising number of options.

It’s also easy to clean up afterwards. The texture is shallow enough that it doesn’t cling on to bodily fluids or dirt, and you can pop it through the dishwasher (I can’t, I don’t have one), boil or just wash in the sink with soapy water.

The downside, which isn’t really a problem, was that I can’t take a picture to send to Sir. You know… Of both holes being stuffed well in his absence. However, he’s always preferred to see the bigger picture. Certainly a video of his submissive, lost in ecstasy, would be gratefully received.

Would you like to purchase a Double Monster Centaur cock?

At the time of publishing they’re priced at $83.99 on Big Shocked. I’d love to hear what you think of it, and if you purchase and try the Double anal option, please don’t hesitate to comment on how it went. If you fancy a double penetration dildo but not quite this big, check out the other options currently available at Big Shocked. And if you would like to receive 20% off your order please use this code: BS20

It’s always a joy, seeing if I can get well stuffed with interesting toys. Do you have any slightly off the wall products you’d like me to review? If so, please do get in touch.


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