anal snake taking the form of a luminous unicorn tentacle.

An Anal Snake With A Magical Difference.

anal snake taking the form of a luminous unicorn tentacle.
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I have a wish list of kinky things that I would love to have in my collection but can’t justify the outlay at the moment. One of these is an Anal Snake. A long, flexible silicon toy for depth training my ass. I’ve seen some that come in on budget, but the materials don’t work for me so I’ve binned those options. Recently BigShocked invited me to test another product for them, and gave me free reign on their website. Like a child in a sweet shop I scrolled through the different collections, trying to find something that would compliment the other items I’ve reviewed for them. First up it was the gorgeous Jormangund followed soon after by the Hera. Both beautiful, both visually and internally. While I can be pretty decisive at times, I was spoilt for choice until…

Up popped a glow-in-the-dark anal snake!

OK, it’s not described as that on the site. It’s a depth training unicorn tentacle anal dildo but its purpose is the same- it’s just prettier and more magical! The decision made itself and, once the team at bigshocked had confirmed they would send it my way, I ticked it off my mental wish list. As ever, the package arrived quickly and discreetly. The box was plain black which wouldn’t arouse suspicions if left unattended on the worktop.

First things first, lets pin down the details of the newest addition to my toy box.

Made from platinum silicon, its flexible and fully insertible length measures 44cm. At the tip it has a circumference of 6.5cm which increases to 17.5cm of girth at the base. This translates as a diameter from 2cm at the tip to 5.6cm at the base. The length is made up in a gentle spiral, with patterns across the surface.

Testing my magical depth trainer.

Depth training with a Unicorn horn… Is that wise?

Whereas an actual “horn” I don’t think it would be sensible to take to training your rear end with one. Anything less than flexible would surely cause damage. However, as I’ve mentioned before, this particular horn is described as a tentacle and is massively bendy! Its tapered shape makes for easy initial insertion. It also feels really gentle as it works its way deeper.

The main concern for me was how smooth the silicon was. Even though it has a beautiful pattern designed into the shaft, once slicked up with lube I could barely get a grip, more so as my hand got lubed up too. Grabbing a towel it became possible to feed the tapered end into my tight opening before working on the depth. The details felt divine as they passed through my anus and I wondered how they’d feel elsewhere.

When is an anal snake not an anal snake?

an anal snake or unicorn tentacle should be really flexible so it doesn't cause damage internally.

When it’s used vaginally of course! I like toys which are multipurpose, don’t we all like to get value for money? In this case I wondered if I could use it to stretch my vaginal. It’s well documented that I enjoy DVP, and fisting is something that I wish I was more accepting of. (Physically, not mentally. That side of things is all go!!) So folding over the unicorn tentacle and stuffing myself full seemed like a great idea.

As before the slippery nature of the dildo was causing me a little frustration. Armed with the knowledge that a towel helped before, I picked up my discarded tee shirt and took the situation in hand. Perfect! With a good grip I was able to thrust to my hearts content. With more of a girthy stretch (as was my intention in this hole) I was able to gain friction and stimulation through my vaginal walls. I can imagine having another pair of hands making me squirm with this and a wand. But that’s a fantasy for creating another day.

Cleaning up after play. How was that?

With all of the defined patterns running down the long shaft, surely it would be a nuisance to clean? I often use condoms for textured anal toys because it makes the process easier for me. But it’s 44cm long, and I had no idea how much of it I would be able to take so there seemed little point in using one. I do NOT want to lose one inside. As it’s the summer holidays cleansing isn’t an option- peaceful time in the bathroom is at a premium in my home- so I just had to bite the bullet.

Not only did it not collect a huge amount of dirt, I found it very easy to clean. The grooves in the detail are smooth and not too deep which meant that a soapy wash down wash all that was required. Once clean I threw it in the bath and soaked it as I showered before a second thorough soaping. A quick towel dry and it was ready to go away.

I don’t have a dishwasher, but it would be easy enough to rinse off and throw into the top shelf if you did.

What about it being more than “just” an anal snake?

Once the Unicorn horn (my magical anal snake) was clean, dry and ready to put away I had another idea. Could it be used for impact play? Curiosity will be my downfall one day, but not on this occasion. Delivering a series of light blows to my inner thigh I delighted in the sensation of thuddy sting. The resulting mark on my thigh caused just as big a grin as the pain it delivered.

marks from the unicorn tentacle being used as an impacttoy.

The question is, would I buy one after my experiences?

This is a type of toy that has been on my wish list for a few years now and I’m incredibly glad to have recieved one in exchange for a fair and honest review. Had I known earlier that I would find so many ways to enjoy an anal snake, and how many fantasies using it would create, I would have absolutely taken the leap sooner. My only complaint is that it is really, really tricky to hold onto without some assistance to my grip. But would a silicon with more of a drag make it less comfortable at depth? Or would it make clean up harder?

But had I taken the leap sooner I may have been the satisfied owner of a plain black anal snake. Rather than a giddy owner of a glow-in-the-dark unicorn tentacle. And I do love to live my life in full technicolour!

And finally, did I mention…. it’s glow in the dark???

anal snake is a glow in the dark tentacle

If you would like to get your hands on a depth trainer take a look at the Big Shocked selection. If you would like to invest in a Unicorn Tentacle of your own they they have two colourways. My luminous version costs $85.99 at time of publishing. If you fancy taking 20% off your order please use this code: BS20


    1. It really is beautiful to look at, isn’t it? My first testing was to 27.5cm, and I’ve not measured since.

      Anal training is something I love. The sensations make me very “needy” and knowing I’m working to make myself more accessible to him ticks a LOT of boxes.

    1. Hehe. You’ve reminded me of some UK adverts where they’re selling the lifestyle rather than the brand. But this brand, in all honesty, they give me lots of space for getting creative with my testing.

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