Expert And Smart: Reviewing The Pomi Wand

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I was delighted when the team at Honey Play Box got in touch over the summer. They asked if I’d like to review the Pomi Wand for them. I’ve been a fan of their site and products for a while now and so I agreed. While waiting for the wand to arrive I took to the internet. The name Pomi was new to me, I wanted to know where its name came from. I adore words and this one was new to me. It turns out that Pomi is a Hindu girl’s name meaning expert or smart. This discovery raised my expectations no end. When the parcel arrived, in its discreet packaging, I could hardly wait to rip it open and begin testing.

They certainly gave it expert and smart packaging!

Once inside the parcel I found the box to be very pretty, the delicate artwork setting the tone for the contents. The snug fit meant that I had to work to open it, but once inside things got much easier. Laid out to perfection, the wand securely nestled within a foam insert, the cable inside a little branded box which may well be the cutest thing I’ve seen this year. (I don’t use that word lightly, but it really did make me smile.)

Honey Play Box are smart and expert in their packaging. The little charging cable box displays their branding beautifully.

Using this USB cable with magnetic charging point I left it to fill up on juice. While it’s charging the light behind the power flashes and once full it stays lit so you know the Pomi Wand is ready for action. The wand takes two hours to charge fully, and then gives you an hour of playtime which signifies a good, long charge.

Charging complete I got to work.

Measuring 17.5cm in total length it fits nicely into the palm of my hand. I was surprised to find it has quite the weight. Weighing in at 158g this mini wand is small in stature but certainly not a cheap, lightweight plastic toy. The massaging head has a 5.3cm diameter, or 16.5cm circumference. This is attached to the body with a mildly flexible neck.

Holding the button for three seconds it came to life in my hand. From here I familiarised myself with the different intensities and patterns, of which there were three and seven respectively. I also checked out the volume with my new gadget, at its most intense the toy registered at 63dB when measured at ear distance. For a helpful comparison, this is about the volume of normal conversation when you’re a metre apart, so not too intrusive if you have sensitive ears. Especially when you consider its low-level noise rather than high pitched or shrill.

Was the Pomi Wand expert and smart in use?

Starting with clitoral stimulation I found the vibrations to be strong and melty. Rather than rumbling to my core or buzzing off the surface they seemed to pool around my clit like warm honey, a rather pleasant sensation. I would later use it internally, as a dildo and found a similar feeling. My vaginal walls absorbed the warm, melty vibrations, relaxing into playtime. I like to find as many ways as possible to use my toys, and smaller wands often catch my g-spot. The bulbous head created pressure, but the smoothness didn’t catch on my internal structures to elicit a gush. My third testing saw me pairing it with the Centaur. I love to feel vibrations along the shaft of a dildo and wondered how the two would work together. Again, the same sensation. A strong, yet mellow pleasure oozed through my body.

I wasn’t able to achieve orgasm with the Pomi Wand, however if pleasure is the measure (and orgasms are not always necessary) then this one scored highly. But I wondered how it would fair with someone more sensitive to gentle stimulation. I picked up my phone and pinged off a message to SWL. After disappointing her with my lust for the previous toy I’d promised her I thought she might be up for testing this one.

After all, sex toys are not a one size fits all.

While I might like a jack hammer at my apex you might enjoy another point of view. So I’ll hand you over to my smart, expert friend SWL, who is very much in the know when it comes to her own pleasure.

Always excited to try new toys I eagerly awaited the arrival the Pomi Wand. However, wands are not my favourite – buzzy toys in general don’t always do it for me as they are either too intense or too high pitched buzzy whereas I prefer a deep reverberating thrum.

When the box arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how perfectly the toy fitted into my hand, it’s handle and buttons smooth and easy to hold. The round bulbous end felt firm but silky and as I pushed it into the palm of my hand I noticed there was some flex in the neck – perfect for achieving those deep rumbly sensations (I hoped). 

To begin with I cycled through the patterns available using my nipples as a gauge, desperately hoping they weren’t all going to be too zingy. There are a couple of constant vibration settings and some patterns, some a bit too frenetic for my tastes but others had the all-important deep low rumble.

When playing alone I like to start with the patterns, and these did not disappoint.

Running the silky bulb across my chest the patterns danced from a deep low rumble to a not too high buzz, I could feel my body starting to wake up. Trailing the wand down between my legs I changed the setting to the lower constant thrumming-buzz and had to take a moment to catch my breath. This was good…very good…and if I wasn’t careful it would all be over much too quickly. Indeed, the deep low vibrations did their job, with the toy pressed firmly just above my clit the vibrations passed through my pelvic bone like ripples on a pond and I was away. 

Expert and smart, the pomi wand fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

When my man arrived later in the evening, he noticed I’d left the toy out on the living room table. (As you do when you live alone!). Right away he announced it could fit in his coat pocket for impromptu outdoors fun. That night as I knelt between his legs, he brought out the toy with the intention of giving my shoulders a massage.

The minute it made contact with my skin my body responded; goose bumps prickled up.

As he moved it across my shoulders and down my back the ripples of pleasure coursed through me, nearly tipping me over the edge. I was quite startled by my reaction as this is not something I’ve experienced before. He brought the silky bulb around to my front and began to run it across my breasts. As it made contact with my sternum huge waves of thrummy vibration shot through my body. Wave after wave of intense pleasure engulfed me and I was left breathless in a gooey mess on the floor. 

Afterwards we both commented how utterly unexpected my reaction was, and how incredible it was. The mini wand has officially made its way to the top of my “partner play” list and is definitely a toy I will be exploring further in solo situations. 

I received a message immediately after her orgasmic time with her man asking if I need the wand back. When I said that it was hers to keep, should she like it her reply was equally as fast:

“Thank you, it is INSANE! Both solo and with [her man.] Pressed into my nipples caused whole body convulsions. Run down my spine even more intense. Possibly the best toy I have been lucky enough to have in my possession!”

Now, if that’s not an endorsement I don’t know what is. I told you she was both smart and an expert.

Honey Play Box - Sexual Wellness Meets Play

Would you like to get your hands on the Pomi Wand? They are available from Honey Play Box UK for £41.99. Also on the US based Honey Play Box for $49.99. (Prices accurate at time of publishing.)

I thought the Pomi Wand was Mmmm, however SWL found it to be MMMMMMM-HMMMMMMM. Therefore, this review definitely needs sharing to Mmm Mondays Meme.


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