Anal Play With LEVETT: Off To A Good Start!

anal play set from Levett
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When it comes to anal play, Levett seems to have all the bases covered. I was over the moon to learn of them, when they got in touch. Have you heard of Levett? They are a new company to me, and a rather pleasant surprise. When they made contact I immediately visited their website. Once there I found their mission statement:

Decoding your body secret! Let’s Explore loVe and Enjoy Toys Together! This is LEVETT.

About Levett

Specialising in anal sex toys, prostate massagers and plugs of varying styles and sizes, they also stock a range of products for couples, as well as those with a penis or vulva. And they also supply replacement charger cables! (I’d be embarrassed at how easily excited I am over things like this, but I’ll own it.)

That’s a little about Levett, but what about the anal play?

Levett anal play butt plug set unboxed.

In exchange for a fair and honest review I was sent the Xocity butt plug set. This set comes complete with two differently shaped butt plugs. Each has a suction base, and hole for them to accommodate a bullet vibrator, of which there is one supplied in the box. There is also a toy bag and a charging cable in the package.

The first plug has a single bulb and the second is a double, each designed to stretch in all the right places. At their widest the girth measures 12.5cm. (4cm diameter.) The single bulbed plug has an insertable length of 7.5cm, whereas the double has a length of 10cm, with the band between bulbs (is this the waist?) at 5cm.

The bullet charges up via a magnetic USB cable. With only an hour to wait until a full charge I made a cup of tea, sat down and leafed through the instructions. Keeping half an eye on the charging bullet, watching for the little red light to change from flashing to steady.

The instructions showed me that there were a total of sixteen vibrating modes, which you can scroll through using either the button on the bullet or the remote control. All pretty straight forward stuff, including the travel lock on the power buttons.

Without further ado I lubed up, an automatic reflex for anything anal. The smooth Silicone of the plugs means that using a water-based lubricant would be best. Silicon based lube is known to degrade silicone sex toys which is best avoided.

Getting down to business…

Taking the single bulb in my hand I relaxed, pressed it into my tight hole and pushed down with my muscles. With a pop the plug was inside me, and my vagina began leaking. Immediately I was needy, wanton. It’s always the way with this anal slut! I reclined into my pillows, basked in the pressure of feeling full. After a few minutes I reached down, the intention to thrust the plug in and out a little, to tease and torment my asshole in equal measure. The rim of the suction base is quite soft and as such I couldn’t get much purchase on it. No matter, the fullness was divine. Further torment was unnecessary really.

While the suction bases don’t lend themselves to a firm grip in the hand, they also struggle to hold on to smooth surfaces. Pulling away from the mirror brings the plugs along for the ride as the sides of the base collapse. This would prevent me using these anal plugs for longer term use. It is my own fear that once my sphincter relaxes the base might fold in completely and then I’ve got a lost plug to retrieve! (Please note, I haven’t tested this possibility so it’s just an internal narrative rather factual.)

The light stopped flashing, maintaining it’s red glow. Time to add vibrations.

levett anal play bullet vibe charging

Moving around on my bed with the single bulbed plug in my posterior I reached down for the bullet and slid it into the sister plug. The one with the double barrel. Lubing it up in readiness for some further anal adventures I reached down to slide out the single. My greedy backside was resisting releasing the plug so I let it be for a while and used the second to tease my clit. The bullets vibrations travelling well through the firm, yet slightly squishy, silicone. I know it’s a butt plug, but I like to explore sex toys to their fullest. As such, though Levett offer this up for anal play I see no reason to shy away from vaginal vibrations. And as I’m a fan of being well stuffed through double penetration, I wondered what could possibly go wrong?!

So, it’s not just anal play?!

Sliding the second, vibrating plug into my pussy added a layer of intensity as you might expect. I pressed the button and started to cycle through the patterns. There are three increasing intensities, and 13 varying patterns. Some of these delighted my vagina briefly, but I’m a steady vibrations lover so soon settled on the third, and highest, level. I did find it tricky, keeping track of where I was in the cycle, and passed over the sweet spot a number of times.

The bullet does provide buzzy vibrations rather than rumbly ones, as I’ve come to expect. Are you a fan of the buzz? It might be that you want to enjoy the bullet on its own, directly on nipples, clit, around the glans of your cock or any other sensitive spots that tickle your fancy. As well as inserted into one or the other plug of course.

Doesn’t it have a remote control?

With the bullet easily controlled through the battery powered remote, it’s a quick and easy set up. Press and hold the power button to wake up the bullet, then scroll through using the patterns button. When finished just press the power button again. Easy!

Not only is the remote control easy to use, but it also makes the plugs and their pleasure giving easier to navigate. Great if you have a plaything on display and want to intensify their anal play experience form across the room. Equally, should you want to indulge solo then it saves you trying to find the button between your butt cheeks! I’m all for simplifying pleasures.

Final thoughts on the butt plug set from LEVETT.

Levett, and their anal play product selection have been an interesting site to collaborate with. The site is full of anal toys, and articles on getting the most out of your anal sex experience. I feel its original market was for penis owners who enjoy receiving anal play, but don’t let that put you off if you don’t fit this demographic. As a woman who loves to give and receive anal I was able to find many items that interest me.

This double butt plug set, including vibrating bullet, didn’t let me down. The bulbous nature of the plugs means that it is unlikely to be a first anal toy. But, while having some confidence in your capacity to receive intrusions is helpful, the girth is achievable for those in the early stages of their stretching journey.

The vibrations are strong and carry through the firm silicone nicely, setting the anal or vaginal muscles off beautifully. If you’re not a fan of patterns, the quantity of them in the bullet may cause a little frown as you try to keep count while clicking through. However, the hole is bullet sized so, if you already have a favourite bullet, why not change it up with that one?

Prostate Massagers

Would you like to try out the Xocity butt plug set? At the time of publishing it costs $39.99. But if not this one then do go and check out the rest of the site. Follow this link for LEVETT to receive 5% discount across the full range, not just the anal play selection.

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