Fuck yeah! written on a piece of paper, in a pile of paper scraps with scribbles on.

Fuck Yeah It’s Random

Fuck yeah! written on a piece of paper, in a pile of paper scraps with scribbles on.
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This week the prompt questions for TMI Tuesday are titled Fuck Yeah, It’s Random. That was all the click bait needed by me to jump in and give my two-pence worth. As ever, do go and check out the other posts being shared today, I hope some of them offer more sense than mine!

1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.

My sluttiest act ever? Hmmmm… frankly, I’m not sure I could choose. As a woman who has identified as His Slut for much of the last 7 years you can imagine the list of options is fairly long. And then there are my pre-marital years. Perhaps it was sharing slutty times in the swingers club with my wonderful friend Bea. Encouraging her explorations as well as feeding my own? But then, I picked up a bunch of guys and enjoyed my first gangbang. Though is that slutty or just youthful exuberance and alcohol? Ohhhh… my first time meeting M? My Bukkake party task for Sir. Perhaps that is the one? In fairness, it could be any one of a growing list of sexual exploits, but then again…

…this week’s theme is- Fuck Yeah, It’s Random, and so…

I’m going for something entirely different!

You see, I’m not just Sirs slut, I’m also a cake slut. For years I declared this proudly on my Fetlife profile. And perhaps the tale I’m about to share shows just the depths I’m willing to dive to in order to get my fix?

Almost 20 years ago P and I were invited to an engagement party. We arrived late, having both spent the night at work. With the party in full swing a drunken brother of the groom suggested a cake eating contest. There was a blackforest gateau alongside his strawberry and cream one. He couldn’t have known that was my favourite at the time, nor that I’d never have been allowed to eat it, even in our early days he controlled my diet. So I pounced on the opportunity and removed as many layers as I could. Soon we were both face down in our respective desserts. Ravenous after a twelve hour shift bussing tables and working the bar, I won! Not my finest hour, and I certainly paid for it later, but it was very satisfying! And just like my sexual sluttiness, I feel no shame for my behaviour.

2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?

I’m afraid I can’t play air guitar, whether naked or otherwise. I always get the notes wrong. However, I’ll happily play air-cello in the buff. And I used to play an actual Bass guitar nude.

3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar cello either clothed or naked?

So my finest air-cello tunes are generally played along with the Two Cellos. I can’t pinpoint one song in particular, but if they come on as I step out of the shower I’ll sit on the edge of the bath and join in. It’s a very special CMCMnf (Clothed Male, Clothed Male, naked female) and I must admit that I let them totally dominate me musically. It wouldn’t be fair to show them up, after all!

In case you’re unsure who they are, here’s one of their videos.

4. Are you good in bed? Why?

I’m terrible in bed! Even if I get into it at a reasonable time I rarely turn off the light when I mean to. I can often be found typing out answers to random questions online! Or reading posts that really could wait until tomorrow. And don’t get me started on the toy reviews I have in progress…

Oh, you didn’t mean that?

Hmmm… While I’ve not had any complaints, or even constructive feedback, perhaps I’m not the right person to be asking?

5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)

I love the velvety smoothness of my 12hours post shave pussy. The immediate aftermath is delicious, but that fine, mildly fuzzy growth feels so soft I could lose myself in there for long spells. (Not too long as it grows fast.)

There is also a texture that makes me say “Fuck Yeah” every time I imagine it. That’s the cool, firm yet slightly yielding flesh of Sir. Some parts are hairier than others, but whatever bits of me I’m allowed to touch him with will delight in the different parts of him, storing them up for later dates.

I’ve not felt another person with flesh quite like his.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.

Effort over outcome. Learning not judging.

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