Naked flesh being explored by hands for a trip with a difference: part 3- temptation

A Trip With a Difference: Part 3- Temptation!

Naked flesh being explored by hands for a trip with a difference: part 3- temptation
Photographer: Dark Lion Photograhy. Models: Me and Dr Lovelace

My trip to see B had started with a visit to a sex shop and continued with building connections through rope. But there was still a temptation to create more mischief so that is exactly what we did. There was something that B had always wanted to do. Now though, I was in a position to help her make that fantasy become a reality.

It was time to give in to that temptation!

It started with a conversation about one of her playmates. We often shared stories of meets, the successful as much as the ones we wouldn’t be revisiting. B was telling me about her friend who had his own special mug in her cupboard. He was easy company and a talented lover, she told me. She had wanted to go to a swingers club but was so nervous that going alone was not an option.

He had offered to take her and they agreed to go on a sunday morning. As anyone who frequents these places will know, this isn’t prime time for action. But that was OK for B. She only wanted to check the place out. They had explored together, spent time in the hot tub and steam rooms, then found a private room where they could enjoy each other. She told me how it was the kind of place that she’d feel comfortable taking a book and just hiding out for a few hours.

But we both knew that wasn’t her primary motive for visiting Temptation initially.

On her explorations she had never had the opportunity to try an MMF threesome. It was high on her list of fantasies and she wondered if there would be an opportunity to make it happen. Possibly at the club they had attended some weeks before- Temptations Spa. The problem came from a point of safety. How would she be able to keep herself safe in that environment? She was showing me the site, and to my eyes it looked like a secure environment for a solo woman to party, but that isn’t always enough. Attending swinging events as a single woman can feel pretty overwhelming at times, and so I knew it wouldn’t be an easy thing for her to do.

However, on the site was an advert for Ladies Night.

Free entry for ladies would hopefully mean a higher number of men looking for what we wanted, and more woman to make it feel less intimidating for us. This happened to fall weekly, on a Wednesday. Until this point I was still uncertain whether I would head home on the Wednesday evening or the thursday morning. Knowing that I could help B out and maybe even have a little fun myself… I’ve a certain weakness for temptation like this. My mind was made up. I would leave on Thursday.

B was at work all week, and so I pottered. We met up for lunch on the wednesday and ran through plans for the evening. I would prepare a light dinner to be eaten before she jumped in the bath. Then we would head out of the door to arrive soon after 9.

Our plans went off without a hitch.

She even had the perfect sized purse for condom stashes. Our mutual excitement over this was a clear indicator of the nervous tension that was building for us both. We arrived soon after 9 and after signing in and chatting to the owner we went through to the lockers. We both stripped off completely naked and carried our towels as we went to have a look round. There were quite a few men, but only one other woman. She worked there and was responsible for cleaning the various play spaces between use. Having been to other spas this was a very welcome sight indeed. It certainly make a change not to be sticking to the floor or needing to spray down a play area before touching it.

After being shown the room she had used previously, and finding the toilets we settled into the jacuzzi where we were soon joined by some of the men. Next the steam room and then the sauna. Each move was punctuated by the appearance of our followers.

They weren’t intrusive or pushy, just curious I guess.

We made our way back upstairs. There was a big room with three large beds with black rubber sheeting down one side. At the far end was a St Andrews Cross. I suggested we play on there for a bit, and see what happened. We found a little leather paddle and she reached up to take her position while I started to gently warm her behind. She isn’t a masochist so I was careful not to hurt her too much. After a short while we switched, and she returned the favour. Then it all stopped. I turned round to see her in an embrace with one guy, handing over the paddle to one of the nice men from the Jacuzzi. He picked up where she left off, while she continued with her fella.

Before long we both had cocks down our throats and her fantasy was about to come true!

There was one man who tried to join in with my play. He wasn’t what I like so I said no thank you. He came back shortly after nd I had to be blunt. It wasn’t until the way home that B told me he had been sent away from her too, for playing with her nipples like radio dials. The men who had taken up her challenge for the night had heard her say no thank you to him, and edged him out. Which is when he returned to me.

While she was devouring the men with her I found myself in a similar situation on a neighbouring bed. We passed the condom purse back and forth as required. The man who had been spanking me was played with my breasts while I sucked on his manhood. And there was a handsome young Turk between my legs, devouring me and using his hands, mouth and cock to make me orgasm repeatedly. He was fast to recover too, and the his second fucking was more intense. This was the first time I had gushed more than a puddle.

That orgasm was mind-blowing, for all three of us apparently.

Once they had finished I checked that B was ok. She was in second heaven and also in very good hands so I sloped off. Firstly I found the kitchen where I rehydrated, then the showers for a quick clean. Then I found myself back in the hot tub, chatting to some of the men that had been watching. They had all offered to join in but had taken rejection with good grace. I can’t tolerate beards so this is (mostly) why they weren’t included in my activities. I think B, quite literally, had her hands full.

When B came downstairs again, eyes glazed with lust, I made her a drink and we sat, wrapped in our towels. Discussing the memories we had both made the conversation turned to the man who I’d rejected and had been turning her nipples like radio dials. The chairs were just outside of the sauna, and as we quietly chatted and giggled the sauna door opened.

Out he walked!

No further invitation was needed to release the nights nerves, temptation and excitement.

With belly laughs!

The poor man must have wondered what was so funny, but didn’t ask. We weren’t laughing at him, he was just the catalyst.

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”

~Oscar Wilde~

We had both had an amazing night at Temptation Spa and B got to tick off a big fantasy from her Fuck-It list. I was so proud of her for embracing the experience, though fear nearly got the better of her. And though I don’t imagine it is something she wishes to repeat I am honoured that she trusted me and was comfortable enough with me to tell me her desires and share the experience with me.

Wicked Wednesday





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  1. Oh my, that sounds like an amazing night, and an amazing place to go to! And what better than to share such excitement with a friend. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. When you find a friend who trusts you with their deepest fantasy then you know they are a keeper. I’m so glad to have been able to share this (and so much else) with B. N xx

        1. There is so much more to come. (This night was a little over 3 years ago now which means I am sitting on a treasure trove of shareable mischief)

  2. Wow sounds like a lovely experience, glad you had a good time. This photo is amazing, I really like the low light effect making all the hands shroud in even more mystery.

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