SWL tied in a veritable v-harness, tutorial from skorpion rope.

Veritable V Harness

SWL tied in a veritable v-harness, tutorial from skorpion rope.

Barefoot’s Bondage A-Z took us Urbexing on Saturday. Today we are looking at the veritable V Harness, or perhaps more fitting, we are enjoying SWL in one.

This is a tie that has to feature in my A-Z Challenge. Once upon a time Angel was inspired to create something like this for a self-tie Tuesday submission. Later, when she set up Skorpion Rope, she created a photo tutorial so that anyone could learn to create it on a bunny.

Now then, Angel has a lot to answer for.

Between her and another friend, Trautaruan, I was led into the wonderful world of self-bondage. All is explained in the post Rope slut reflections. And when I commented on one of her instagram images for the tutorial last year she DMed me the inspiration behind it. That self-tie I mentioned above. A red rag to the bull, I had to give it a go.

But something wasn’t quite sitting right. I loved the way it had looked on me as a self tie, but almost immediately I wanted to try the tutorial in all it’s glory. But then life happened, and months passed. Until I set about planning my April posts. And just like that I was on the case.

Or, more accurately…

I was visiting Skorpion Rope to check the tutorial once more while messaging SWL to say that I’d decided on another tie that I would need her for.

I was so keen to include this one that, in my haste, I actually planned it twice. Not only does J stand for Jizuri, it also stands for Jiai Shibari, which means to be bound in a self loving hug. Just like SWL is here.

Anyway, I wanted to use my nylon rope… The Colour…

…and, for once, it didn’t try to slither off as I joined the lines. Perhaps this means I’m finally getting to grips with my much loved but occasionally tricky knothead?  I certainly hope so!

Back to the point of the post. Angel inspires me with her rigging, and has created some amazing ties which are readily available, for free, on her site. Well thought out and easy to follow, I wonder why everyone doesn’t create tutorials like she does! If you like rope,and  want to  try something a little different, I would urge you to go and check out the tutorials page on her website. She also sells ropes, just in case you need some.

And even if you don’t fancy recreating this, do go and check out the tutorial. The final image shows an appreciation for ghost rope
#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post Veritable V Harness. If so, consider reading this post: Finding my rope space.


    1. It is such a lovely little tie, really comforting and peaceful. I hope you get to try it out

    1. Thank you Marie. It’s a fairly straightforward one to complete once you have the hitches figured out. N x

    1. Thank you Porngirl 😊

      This one is tied as a hug, but I dare say it could be taken up a notch (or ten) and made to really hurt. Coir rope, or jute pulled really tight. So many options 😈

  1. I love everything about rope play. The sensation. The mind-fuckery. The pain. The lack of control. And I love the marks it leaves. Your role play doesn’t seem to leave a lot of marks though. Is that the technique or is it not that tight?

    1. It could just be the images I’m sharing. We do enjoy the marks afterwards.

      I love rope in many ways, connection with my friends (and myself-for self-ties) is why I tie them. Yes there is an element of pain, but it’s not the same as a rope scene with my dominant.

      Sir is the only person I will hand over control to when I’m in rope and I adore it. All of your loves, they come out to play when I’m with him. But those moments are visually private ones between us so I don’t have pictures to share here.

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