wonderful wax play and rope on naked woman

Wonderful Wax Play

wonderful wax play and rope on naked woman
Thanks to Gentle Newman for editing this image for me.

Following on from my V Harness in barefoot’s bondage A-Z is wonderful wax play.

While I may have been enjoying rope and wax play for years, it is only relatively recent that I have come to combine the two. Last year a pain task, where I really push myself, took me to SWL for a weekend in my bubble. I showed her how to tie a basic chest harness, and then guided her through pouring wax on herself. All demonstrated by me, on me, first. The push was that she doesn’t like to tie or cause herself pain. Though she is a masochist who loves rope.

But she did this for me, to help me through my task. And I’m so glad she did. It has opened up a new world of self-play for me.

The tight bonds, and mildly prickly jute are accentuated by the hot stingly sensation of wax, both poured and dripped. (Stingly is a barefoot creation- a combination of sting and tingly.) Together these two wonderful sensations join forces to create a delight for the skin. For my skin, at least. And SWL’s too.

And once the rope and wax are off of me, the need to remove the soya wax from my jute hanks was important too. I love conditioning my ropes, it is a calming action that has become almost reflexive over the years. Pouring wax onto my rope gave me a wonderful reason to enjoy my favourite therapy.

If you like rope, and you like wax play, then I’d encourage you to combine the two. I am looking forward to exploring this further. Wax encasement is glorious, but better when another is on pouring duty. And predicaments are such good fun, I can only imagine what sweet torture including wax would bring.

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