Bare thigh, showcasing glorious ghost rope.

Glorious Ghost Rope

Bare thigh, showcasing glorious ghost rope.

Yesterday you saw my love of the fabulous futomomo. Up next, for Barefoot’s bondage A-Z is Glorious Ghost rope. A celebration of the remnants of rope play.

Ghost rope. Bondage marks. Rope kisses. Call them what you will. I love them! I find my skin so sensitized where the rope had lain, just moments before. So delightfully ready for a gentle stroke. Perhaps even a lick. Inevitably, my flesh erupts in tiny goose bumps. Tiny explosions of pleasure bursting forth from the recently released indentations.

Sometimes I’ve been fortunate enough to have my very own bunny sporting this rope play residue. During these times I enjoy nothing more than tracing my finger across these lines. With their consent, of course! We will always share a smile. With me knowing full well how those little electric tingles feel. As my fingers dance along their skin.

As much as I adore rope on the flesh, the reminders of that rope are- almost- more erotic for me. Like the bruises from a heavy impact scene, ghost rope extends the scene above and beyond. A sensual kiss, blown in on the wind, and lingering on the flesh.

What could be better than that?

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Last time I linked up for Wicked Wednesday I told two truths and a lie. I promised that, the next time I take part, I will let you know what the lie was. Well, it was this: Running in this set is an absolute joy! The knickers were incredible, I will say that. The string didn’t slice, and the fabric was soft and didn’t chafe. However, I only ever run in sports bras, so I didn’t test the bra on a run.

Wicked Wednesday

Have you enjoyed this celebration of glorious ghost rope? Find the sister image in the post Colours and Textures.


  1. I’m always surprised at how easily marks are left. You don’t have to bind someone tightly; the rope just has to sit against their skin for a minute.

    I like your term “play residue.” 🙂

  2. I love ghost rope too! I want to have it tattooed but haven’t found an artist who can make it look like the real deal yet. I’m really enjoying your A-Z posts and think rope is an excellent topic 🙂

    1. That sounds incredible! I’ve thought of having rope inked on me but ghost rope… even better. The subtlety will just blend in. I’d love to see yours when you manage to get it done

    1. The rainbow hemp leaves such delicate kisses. Possibly my favourite mark making rope.

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