Give it a go!

The barefoot sub in a body stocking and self tie with a plant covering her crotch for the post Give it a go.

“Give it a go” she said.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. She didn’t say the words. When I commented on an instagram post featuring one of Skorpion Rope’s tutorials, wondering if I could self tie it, there was a five minute lull before she dropped another post into my inbox. And Angel has such a way with rope, everything I have ever seen her tie just looks so easy, she may as well have said “give it a go.”

It just so happened that I had a task for Sir, and had been tying with ML Slavepuppet for this. I was in my favourite bodystocking, and thought I’d do as she had inadvertently suggested. If I didn’t try then I would never know!

The tie was nowhere near as easy as I had told myself it would be!

But I couldn’t not capture an image, in spite of the less than perfect bindings. Fortunately I had already planned the plant, for Frisky Friday! The crotchless part has grown on my favourite bodystocking, unsurprising as it has been well worn over the last three years. I have tried to replace it but I’m told that Anne Summers have discontinued it. And can I find what I am looking for anywhere else? Can I heck!

I also struggle to ask for help.

I’m sure many of us experience this problem to some degree. And I am improving. Sir and the tasks he sets see to this. With this in mind I thought I would try something new: ask for help on my blog.

So, here goes! Can anyone recommend a body stocking to me? One to replace this much loved but battered old specimen, I would be most grateful. It is half way between sheer and fishnet. Plain with a round neck. It has full length sleeves and enclosed feet. Fingers crossed someone can help.

Either way, it is always worth asking. If I don’t the answer will always be no!

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    1. It was the only one short and round enough to cover the gaping chasm of my crotchless body stocking! I’ll be sad when I can no longer cover up the gaps x

  1. I swear I am so impressed with your ability to self tie. It looks really good to me and looks lovely on this bodystocking. I get why you’d like to have a new similar one! But unfortunately I can’t really help you with that.

    1. Your self ties are stunning ML. Your level of skill reminds me of Angel. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. I absolutely love your tie! Sorry I can’t help with the same bodystocking, but you might want to look at Leg Avenue products. I have always found them to be perfect 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. I have had some great suggestions, on here and privately. I shall update when I have received them all. And tried them on with rope. Xx

  3. Sorry I don’t have any bodystocking recommendations but if I see anything I will be sure to let you know. Your self tie is amazing and reminded me that I really need to make some time for rope soon


  4. Wow, it certainly looks terrific 🤩 I’m afraid I don’t have any previous experience with body stockings, though LoveHoney usually have a pretty decent range of sexy lingerie and clothing

  5. The Stag Shop has some body stockings. It’s a Canadian store but has an online service. They don’t appear to be too expensive but I’m not sure if they are what you want.

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