barefoot shares how she is more than a masochist by putting the boy in a predicament.

More Than A Masochist

barefoot shares how she is more than a masochist by putting the boy in a predicament.

Yesterday we looked at the Lazy Lapis Binder in Barefoot’s bondage A-Z. Today I thought I’d try and share how I discovered that I’m more than a masochist.

The photograph shows another part of the fun CC and I had with the boy during our first Tie and Dine night. This time he is in an Ebi style tie. But he started getting a bit lippy, and as you may know- I don’t do brats!

Fortunately CC is his Mistress, and managed to keep him in check.

It wasn’t my job to modify his behaviour, but I took the opportunity to demonstrate a few mean tricks. Thus turning ours into an evening of predicament bondage for him. However, I have other plans for the letterĀ  P, and I do love being mean sometimes.

We started with adding the face rope, so he couldn’t see our gesticulations and toy choosing. My home was not a space he was familiar with at the time, so he was disoriented and leant into CC while I started attaching clover clamps.

More lip from him meant a clamp on the tongue, a further two on his nipples. And then the cheeky so-and-so got brave, pushed through the pain and knocked the clamp off using his teeth. All before laughing that he’d outwitted two women, while blind and bound. (For the record, he isn’t a mysoginist. He’s just a very silly boy!)

So… do you see those hairs on his chest?

I was feeling particularly mean by this point and so attached the loose clamp to a couple of those in the middle. I know from wax play this is a very sensitive spot. Then, it was my term to laugh as he squirmed and tried to wriggle free. Every time he stopped I could jiggle the loose green rope, tugging on the clamps and causing fresh ministrations. If not me then CC, with her talons cruising up and down his spine. She enjoyed the trust he put in us, and much pleasure in his moanings and my chortling.

I’m not a dominant, but when I have the rope in my hands it is fun to unleash the sadist. And I do enjoy making things mean.

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Have you enjoyed learning that I’m more than a masochist? Find out more about this side of me in the post A Thunderstorm can change everything.


  1. I was certainly outumbered and outgunned. It taught me a very valuable lesson never cross a woman! And certainly never cross two of them!!

    1. I can verify that the clamp on his chest hair (a little later) was far worse than the tongue! My sadistic giggle was much louder N xx

    1. It’s a lot of fun. Being on the receiving end of another’s plans is just the best. But making life a little tricky for someone else is a pretty close second.

    1. This was such a joy to do with CC and the boy. In the early days of their relationship. You should see the fun they get up to now!

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