Barefoot and not quite naked in nature.

Not Quite Naked In Nature

Barefoot and not quite naked in nature.

Following on from sharing that I’m more than a masochist, next in Barefoot’s Bondage A-Z I’m sharing my love of being Not Quite Naked In Nature. Technical knowledge will be absent from todays post. I’m just sharing joy!

If you’re new to my blog, it may be a surprise to learn that I’m an exhibitionist. Importantly, although I love the risk of being seen, I go to great lengths to ensure I’m not. This means that I rarely do more than a quick flash- I wouldn’t want people who don’t consent to see me.

There is risk, but it’s my responsibility to manage that.

But when I get out into the wilds, especially with Loki, we have lots of steps in place to prevent unsuspecting eyes from seeing me. Sometimes we will have a tent to tie in, other times we will be so far out in nature that there is NO ONE around. Always we have a blanket. And clothes which are quick to put back on- over the blanket! While there have been close calls, I have kept my side of the bargain (that I make with myself) every time I get up to mischief like this.

Exposing unsuspecting others to my kink is not OK.

But what happens when I am in a position to get nude under the big skies? Especially when I’m with Loki? I can slip into be bound in my favourite outfit and embrace the world in it’s most wonderful way.

There are lots of our pictures dotted around on the blog. My adventures with Loki are well chronicled. I’d love you to explore the blog and stumble across the little worlds we create for ourselves in the wonderful locations around and about on our beloved Dartmoor.

Does it sound strange…? That I never feel more free than when I am bound and almost naked. In my favourite place, with one of my favourite people!

This is what it means to me; to be not quite naked in nature.

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Have you enjoyed reading about my love of being not quite naked in nature? You might enjoy Sinfully Basking too. It will be a good place to start exploring my adventures with Loki.


  1. I totally understand this, I love my exhibitionist streak but, like you, it’s important I’m only seen by those that consent. Whilst there have been some close calls, cyclists seem to use stealth mode, runners change direction with no warning and horse riders are higher up than you expect. For the most part we have kept our adventures just for us.

    1. I’m so lucky to be in an area where we are surrounded by this kind of beauty Lisa. I get a bit greedy for it really.

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