Lazy Lapis Binder

Following on from yesterday’s look into the world of Kaikyaku Kani, we continue Barefoot’s bondage A-Z with a not so lazy Lapis binder.

The lapis binder is an armbinder, but not as I would think of them, as we saw on the first of the month. It is a forward leaning armbinder, and is a wonderful way to make arm bondage more accessible to those with less mobility. It can be tied comfortably, lots of snug double columns or even a diamond pattern.

But SWL and I had found a bit of a groove on our big weekend of rope. Resulting in my fancy for tying a quick, easy and uncomfortable lapis. Arms in a twisty Eagle pose style position, crossed at the wrists. These were secured using a single column tie. Then ever tightening wraps, criss-crossing each other before being locked off above the elbows, far from any danger zone.

I could have gone tighter, but she may not ask me back. And as she’s my bubble, then I’d rather stay in her good books!

Ah yes, a nice “lazy” tie for me. However, it seemed only right that one of us should be working up a sweat.

And her workout did make me chuckle.

With friends like me…
#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge

Have you enjoyed SWL in my (not so) lazy lapis binder? Well, usually, it’s her enjoying my discomfort. Like when she caught me in this post: Every Exit Is Also An Entry.


  1. I’ll admit, the photo has me puzzled. It’s taken from above, yes? And her face is turned away so… Is that her shoulder in the bottom right? And her arms are crossed somehow but I don’t get how she’s holding the bar…

    It looks like one person trying to play Twister, only with rope! 😉

    1. So, she is sitting on a rowing machine, and I’m over her left shoulder, which is the bottom right. I asked her to do Eagle arms so I could tightly bind them together in that position. (Like this)

      And then asked her to have her palms open, facing up, so she could grip the rowing machine handle from underneath.

      But yes, essentially, it’s one tied up person playing twister for the amusement of her friend 🤣 (it’s a wonder I have any friends really)

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