Couple arguing in the kitchen for post overstepping the boundaries

Overstepping The Boundaries

Couple arguing in the kitchen for post overstepping the boundaries
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In tasked to perfection I told you about five different tasks which sir set to keep me going in his absence. Though I had freedom to see whomever I chose, I was to continue working hard in these areas. I have told you a little about how I started work on my tasks, but now I want to share about the third task. And how a friend decided that overstepping the boundaries of MY dynamic was ok. It wasn’t, not by a long shot. And he learnt that the happy go-lucky barefoot sub has no qualms telling someone off when their behaviour requires it.

I have told you about Pie, my friend and sadistic play partner. He had been frustrated that I wouldn’t call him sir, but accepted it, and we became firm friends. His party invites were always well received by me, and we enjoyed each others company greatly. Both in an SM sense as well as the more vanilla.

The Saturday following Sir’s visit I was attending a party at Pie’s house.

I was excited to go, lots of my friends would be there and there was sure to be some decent food along with chatter and play scenes to watch. I mentioned to Sir that I was strangely looking forward to having to turn down play. It would be my first time doing that at an event. I can’t express how proud I was of myself for planning to go along. It showed me that my reasons were not solely for a sore bottom!

Pie and I always played hard on the impact front, drawn a crowd at his parties and club nights. For reasons unknown to me, I relished the idea of testing the waters of our friendship now that Sir was back on the scene. I had mentioned my tasks when we spoke about the party. However, I felt that he’d kind of blanked the “No more impact play until I’m healed.”

This would be interesting.

Well, the night was actually a pretty good one. And as expected there were quite a number of people I knew there. Including the man who had given me the offending marks in the first place. (Lets call him MrMarks) He is a few years my junior, and not a sadist, or an experienced dominant, which is why my thigh bruises were so deep. When the masochist you’re hitting is just laughing the temptation is to hit harder, and harder, and harder, until she stops. Only, the more he tossed the strap at my flesh the more I laughed. It didn’t hurt, and his face was a picture of frustration!

Why wouldn’t I find it amusing?

So… he was there, and I offered to tie him up, to be a bit mean to him. This involved tapping him with a cane while he was completely disabled by my bindings. At the same time I gave him sums to do, and asked him to count the answers in cane strikes. I like maths, pain and bondage, why wouldn’t I fuck with his head a little bit?

After our game I was sorting out some pizza and a drink for MrMarks in the crowded kitchen. Pie came over and wrapped an arm around me.

“Are you ready for our scene?” He queried.

I reminded him of our conversation in the week. That I was still heavily marked and my new rule, set by Sir, was no marks until I was healed. And made sure he understood that Sir had reinforced this by setting me the task of healing fully before further impact play. This would be the end of it, such was the respect he had always shown me. But I was wrong. He pressed on…

Bearing in mind his kitchen was bustling I was surprised when he rounded on me and, in a loud voice, said “you should have negotiated to have marks elsewhere” on my body.

I’m not sure what he was expecting of me, but I doubt it was for me to fight my corner. I’m a gentle soul, polite, respectful. However, this was my relationship with Sir that he was meddling with.

In his busy kitchen.

Surrounded by our friends.

I felt that he was attempting to exert dominance over me, and that is not something I’d consented to. Nor was the humiliation of having this discussion with an audience! I knew that I could skulk off and head home, that would be easy. Or I could regain composure and show him, in no uncertain terms, that he was not the boss of me.

Which option do you think I took?

That’s right. I decided to demonstrate that I didn’t appreciate him overstepping the boundaries. It was my turn to respectfully tell him that I had no desire to negotiate with my owner, with the man who only has my best interests at heart and who cares about my health and wellbeing. Impact play will be here another day, after all.

I didn’t feel the need to justify myself, but over the conversation (rather one way by this point) I informed him that Sir makes rules and sets tasks. I can question these, and ask for allowances, but once I have agreed to his terms it is my responsibility to fulfill them. And I do this gladly. I also took a moment to ask him not to shorten my name (he’d done this twice already that night and he knew this was a hard limit) and requested that he be a little more respectful or our play relationship would be coming to an abrupt halt.

I didn’t shout and was not unreasonable, but my tone was strong, confident, self assured. The very person that my submission has allowed me to become, and I love this version of me.

The kitchen was quiet by this point. I felt genuine surprise to look up and discover people in the room. I’d forgotten about them when the red mist descended! I picked up the snack that I’d prepared for MrMarks and returned to the lounge. The noise starting up behind me as I stalked out through the door.

The rest of the night was untarnished by our ten minute (if that) interlude.

And our friendship is, perhaps, stronger for redefining things. He now knew of my intolerance surrounding him overstepping my boundaries. It was now abundantly clear I wouldn’t be intimidated (however unintentionally that may have happened) into acquiescing to his wants.

Discussing the events with Sir he was incensed. Well, as incensed as I’ve ever seen him. He is cool, calm and rational. He pointed out that he doesn’t negotiate, not in the way that Pie was suggesting. And no-one should be negotiating over things that could harm in the long run anyway. “Eagerness and ignorance are a dangerous combination” and I was doing well to bear all of this in mind when making decisions for myself.

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    1. I hadn’t thought about him being proud of me for this, but maybe he is?

      And the amazing thing, that I’d never have thought with “disagreements” of the past, is that we (me and Pie) would be able to remain friends. But we are, which shows me it’s ok to stand my ground, and those that matter will pay attention. N xx

    1. Thank you. 😊

      It’s a skill that, fortunately, doesn’t need practising too often.

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