With a full kit will my toy bag adventures go unfulfilled?

Toy Bag Adventures Unfulfilled

With a full kit will my toy bag adventures go unfulfilled?

Following the party at Pie’s house, I had a quiet week. I say quiet… With Sir being out of the country I had my ongoing tasks to complete. The blog was growing, my picture collection increasing and my running improving. But my B grade was a source of motivation and repeating the play task with another lady was proving tricky! My toy bag adventures were unfulfilled thus far…

The desire was there, but the opportunity was not.

I do enjoy beavering away, and there was a string of near misses over the weeks that followed. One friend was injured by a flying bookcase, another got a new boyfriend and became unavailable. Incidentally, this was the best turn-down ever! There were couples who I was invited to play with; one disappeared, another wouldn’t speak to me on the phone so had to guess they were just the man. And then there was a couple who I was due to visit. They were 420 friendly, which wasn’t an issue for me. Although I wasn’t going to partake I didn’t mind them enjoying themselves. However, when they offered coke as well I was met with a barrage of abuse when I turned that down too.

Never mind, I can’t please everyone!

I did hit gold though, or so I thought. I met a couple through Fabswingers. They were verified by one man, and I dropped him a message to check on them- he’d been verified by someone I knew so believed he would be trustworthy. Safety first, always!

At about 7pm, on a wet and wild January evening, I picked up my toy bag and drove the 15 minutes to their house. Checking in with CC I wandered around the estate looking for the property. It was a funny place, all wonky paths, and little gardens. There was a selection of flats and terraced houses so finding the place was a challenge.

I popped online and dropped them a message, calling CC for company as I wandered. The search felt like it took a long time, but in reality it was likely only 5 minutes. Finally I spotted the door, around a corner stood a little house. I approached the door, noting there was a neat and tidy patch of garden. Nice to see that they take such good care of their home!

That can only mean they will take good care of me…


Ha! Well, I dropped my bag to the floor, rang the doorbell…

And waited.

Then I waited a moment more while pulling out my phone to drop them a message to say I was outside.

Before I had unlocked the screen the door eased open. An elderly gentleman peered around the crack in the door as he hunched over his stick. “Hi” I said, realisation dawning “I don’t suppose Karen* is around is she?” (*Not her real name.)

He confirmed my suspicions that Karen did not live there, in fact he didn’t even know a Karen. He shut the door and I watched his shadow retreat down the hall through his frosted panel. I checked my messages to ensure I was at the right house only to discover their profile gone. Deleted!

I was understandably seething as I looked up CC’s number.

As I slung the bag over my shoulder one of the toys went off between my shoulders. The vibrations made me see the ridiculousness of my situation, by the time CC answered the phone I was laughing again. It isn’t really in my nature to bear grudges after all. Moderately miffed at the “couple’s” rudeness, but safe, happy and receiving a battery-operated back massage.

Climbing into the car I decided to find a cafe on the way home and have a hot chocolate ensuring my night wasn’t entirely without pleasures.

Though I did leave my kit in the car this time!

And the next time I took my toys out on an adventure I removed the batteries from this particularly eager toy. But you’ll have to wait to find out what happens next!


It isn’t always the case that my toy bag adventures go unfulfilled! Perhaps you will enjoy this story: An Eden Flicker Play Date.


    1. It is, but I found the humour and had a peaceful (child-free) night in a cafe watching all the people.

  1. That’s incredibly rude what those people have done, to stand you up like that, and involve someone else’s address in this manner. Just rude! But at least you could laugh, what a brilliant timing for that toy to start vibrating!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. The fact they involved someone else is the bit that made me most cross. It’s not ok to treat others like that, but if your kink is to mess strangers around at least only do it to those engaging. I was quite happy to spend the evening in my own company, watching the world go by. It is in fact another story to tell! But that poor man didn’t need to be disturbed, that was unkind to him. N xx

  2. I am glad you could find humour in what was a wasted journey, a disappointing moment and (as you say) a rude way to treat you and the guy who lived at that address. Sadly you discovered a HUGE orgasm gap!
    This was still a very up-beat post, so well done you. I too have an eager toy like that, it’s gone off in the luggage a couple of times – it’s lead charged not battery so I don’t even have the opportunity to remove it’s power before travel. It has doomed itself to home use only!

  3. This post reads like an adventure story. Although, I think that at that moment you were hardly inclined to have fun. I hope that at least the chocolate did not disappoint you.

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