Breasts exposed at a cycle path by night

Cycle Path By Night

Breasts exposed at a cycle path by night

Late last year I found myself on a cycle path by night when I took myself out for a run. The time was actually more like 6pm and the head of the path lies on a commuter route- for both pedestrains and motorists. It was one of those locations that I thought I had already bagged. But as I saw the sign, glinting in the light of my body torch, it looked so pretty. I could just imagine my breasts basking in the reflective light…

Pulling the scavenger hunt page up on my phone I noted that I hadn’t achieved it yet so… Flipping my phone from web browser to camera, I cautiously looked around. Checking for people I would rather not see, or be seen by. Certain that there was no one in eye-line I lifted my high viz and sports bra, smiled and took a couple of pictures. One surprise for Sir (with the smile) and one for you all here.

Looking at the locations, I don’t have a fellow hunter to share at the cycle path! Not a problem though. I have decided that this is a cycle path sign, which is not too different from a traffic sign. And one of the most fantastic exhibitionists I’ve encountered in the blogging world is No Pants Endurance. He has bagged the road sign for himself, in a most fantastic, and characteristically fun way.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Have you enjoyed seeing me expose myself on the cycle path by night? You might enjoy The gift of boobs as well. A festive, night-time exposé.


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