After the wedding there was bondage and impact play

After The Wedding!

The wedding celebration continues at a fetish club

Following my day at the wedding of friends I returned home to my children, ate dinner and headed back out the door for an evening of debauchery at my local fetish club. The happy couple were going to have their collaring ceremony at 10pm and Pie was going to be there with his bag of impact toys and his submissive girlfriend. We planned to share a scene after the celebrations were complete.

My outfit for the evening had been planned weeks in advance. My body stocking, a bondage tape bra, and a decorative chest weave. CC helped me with my shiny black bra in a private room she had booked out with her boy. The weave had been practised and I managed to get it on in record time. I felt so secure and comfortable in it. Stepping out of the room into the social area I felt the nervous excitement bubbling away.

My circle was growing, and with the wedding the turnout was unusually large.

I knew so many people and took my turn as a social butterfly, flitting from group to group. All the while keeping half an eye on the door, expecting Pie and his partners arrival.

They arrived before too long, weighed down with bags and more friends. He and I had played a number of times by this point, both in private and at his house parties, but this was our first time out in public. Both known for playing hard we knew it was going to make a good show. And we all know how much that excites me!

Once they were changed the three of us went exploring.

Laughing and joking as we took different routes around the floors. Peeking into corners with different sets of eyes interests me greatly. The ideas that get bounced around are ever changing depending on who you are with. And in this case I had always passed by the showers, never visited them. They had always just been a space that was there. She had a curiosity about watersports, and he had affectionately dubbed me “little piss breath”. It seemed a foregone conclusion that my first visit to the showers would be with them.

Time was ticking by, and as the clock approached 10 everyone made their way upstairs. However, there was a scene involving the winch so they delayed their collaring. The delays continued and the night was being eaten away. With another 30 minutes added on the three of us went down to the showers, put the empty space to good use with some fun for me a training for her. Showering off and cleaning the space behind us we returned to the crowd, swallowed up in the collaring ceremony. It felt a little lack lustre in amongst the frivolities of a fetish club. 

However, they were happy. And isn’t that the most important thing on the wedding day?!

With the couple standing down all that was left was to wait for the right play space. The bondage bed was in use. After they had cleaned it down we took our places. Me laying naked, face down across the bed, him looming large over me and she was sat watching on. The bag of tools available for her to choose from. Slave Lytton was at my head, on stand by for safe words. I’m a quiet lady, and the crowd was loud. Having one of my closest friends watching over me added to the intimacy of play within such a public setting. Having a fellow submissive in charge of toy selection added a different flavour to proceedings. Working to our system he mixed it up and tipped me over the edge as the endorphins flooded my body.

What happened after our scene was through?

The club was still vibrant, and there was a queue for the bed. I believe I mentioned how much emphasis Pie places on negotiations? Well he had taken care of my aftercare previously and was well placed to do the same this time. First he covered me in a blanket. He then sent Slave Lytton off for a cup of tea, a slice of pizza and a can of diet coke. Next he commandeered a bench, and guided me to it. Still wrapped in the blanket he lay me down and sat next to me, fending off people who came to chat.

Time is immaterial at times like this. Perhaps I landed after half an hour? Maybe it was a couple of hours? Before long I was back in my body stocking, mingling with friends old and new. The happy couple disappeared, and the crowds began to dissipate. As the hour became late I gravitated to the social area again. As seems to be the way I chattered away with people until the venue closed. Making my way home to my sleeping children and my mum, I knew that I had a fun weekend in store. And the memories of a great night in excellent company emblazoned on my backside!


After The Wedding was first published on A Leap of Faith.



    1. This chest weave is such a fun one to do. It takes a bit of practise, but is pretty straightforward. More-so if you have a generous pair of anchors! N xx

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