marks on my upper thighs, received before the return of sir and a new rule.

The Return of Sir and a New Rule.

marks on my upper thighs, received before the return of sir and a new rule.

Right, where was I before February photo fest got going? I was talking about rope for the Tell me about prompt, and was taken back to the start of this blog. Because I was at peer rope when I got the email… That’s right. So, this is the tale of the return of sir, and a new rule! Let me continue…

Sir had been working overseas for 20 months, as you know, and then arrived in my emails. And, as soon as I was able to settle my nerves and finish the ties I was learning, we had an email exchange. Over the course of the next week, the reintroduction of restrictions and tasks, everything seemed to just fall back into place.

I’ve said it before, when he leaves all restrictions are lifted and I am free to do as I choose.

I will always be grateful for this, and over our time together he has shown me how to be my own Sir. Which means there is never a dull moment; I am confident to push myself forward, to learn new things and to grow in confidence. But when he is here, life is exponentially better. The return of sir, and rule re-introduction, gives me a focus unlike any other. Everything feels… right. And that is how I felt on that cold January afternoon. Even when my tummy was turning somersaults at the thought of him being back in the UK.

He was clear with me from the start, he always is. He would be in and out of the country with work, but would be mostly back for a while, at least. I understand his lifestyle, and though his transience is challenging at times I was so happy I could burst. “Is there anything you would like me to do for you while you are back Sir?” I asked. “I’ve missed working hard for you.”

As luck would have it, he did have some tasks for me.

The first thing he asked of me was pictures, front and back, and to give him a guided tour of my body. Detailing what I like and dislike. No, he never sets easy tasks. At this point I had lost a couple of stone since my heaviest, but I was still much bigger than I’d been when he was at the reins previously. It has been refreshing to see myself like that again, the images and videos show a different woman, physically.

It was really challenging to make these images and videos for him. The woman you see in the pictures I share has grown more comfortable in front of the lens, but I’d had 20 months with very few reasons to actually SEE myself. Now I was forced to look, to analyse my features, and give him a breakdown of what I saw. It s easy to find things we don’t like, and berate ourselves for this. It was somewhat more challenging to find areas that I liked, and communicating that without feeling self obsessed, or worse… like I was happy with something that NO-ONE should be.

There were marks on my upper, inner thighs. Big purple-y black marks that came halfway down my legs. A leftover from a play session the previous weekend. These marks hung around for 6 months, so not ideal, and with Sir being focussed on my safety- always- he introduced a new rule for me.

“No marks when you are marked N.”

As with any rule sir introduces I have the option to agree, disagree or ask for clarification.

In this case it was a simple “yes Sir” form me. He always has put my health and wellbeing first, and is not the territorial kind of man who would put a stop to my life away from him without good cause. As it happens, this rule is something I live by now. But more on that later…

With the potential to see him the following friday, he kept a very close eye on them. Our time together was likely to be three weeks post mark-making. Over the course of our first week back in contact the heat left them, and the angry, raised areas mellowed. I knew he would find a way of using me, with or without the marks… I just hoped that I would enjoy his sadistic pleasures!


If you’ve enjoyed The Return of Sir and a New Rule you might enjoy learning about my early tasks and rules in this post.


    1. There are no disappointments under Sir’s control. Though lessons in patience are often given 😉

    1. He’s been away and returned again since this point. I’m doing a rubbish job at catching up to where I am now!

      At this point (Jan 2018) I had been playing with a friend who was inexperienced with masochists, especially one that laughs. A lot!

      A deceptively heavy implement, tender flesh and high pain threshold meant that I was marked deeper than either of us realised.

  1. That’s so exciting! I’m enjoying the new marks I get, but they do linger. Due to an upcoming medical appointment, we agreed no more marks until after, and I feel like I’m counting the hours!

  2. Those are some impressive marks! I am so happy to hear your sir is back, and look forward to read more about your interactions, and the tasks he sets you 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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