Bondage via zoom has helped the barefoot sub in avoiding cabin fever

Avoiding Cabin Fever

Bondage via zoom has helped the barefoot sub in avoiding cabin fever Rope with friends has taken on a different meaning over the last year, with covid restrictions in place. Events like peer rope are on hold for now. And having friends over for dinner and bondage is rightly deemed unsafe. I’m a dab hand at avoiding cabin fever though- the joys of single parenting! And so I didn’t take much persuasion to get creative with online platforms such as Skype and Zoom– cabin fever can be held off for a while longer.

It was lovely to meet up- online- with Angel back in September. A couple of hours tying together, laughing and chatting, was just the tonic we both needed. We’re both looking forward to sharing rope time in company soon- hopefully. But this scratched an itch for sure.

The theme was thigh ties, and Angel took me on a magical mystery tour of new and exciting (to me) techniques. The first one I shared can be found here. I know we are both looking forward to future adventures in rope. With more ideas than opportunity, let’s hope that Covid is under control soon! In the meantime, online is a welcome addition to my coping mechanisms for the duration.

February Photofest
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    1. Thank you May. Cabin fever is a tricky thing. Harder this time round I think. I hope you’re coping OK? N x

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