A Rope Space Found At No Mercy Manor

Rope space at No Mercy Manor header shows me in my outifit of Black latex corselette, red latex gloves, stockings and shorts.
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A week after Dr Lovelace came to the rescue with gas masks, latex hoods and wax further plans were put in place. It was soon time for No Mercy Manor, a kink night that I enjoyed attending at the time. Along with Dr Lovelace, who I’d originally planned to go with, I knew I’d see other friends there. I hadn’t seen Angel in a long time, and Loki intended to make the journey up too. With three rigger friends (four including me) I wondered if there would be any chance of hitting rope space?

Excited I planned my outfit. Something sexy, with space for tying rope?

My corselette, a gift from LatexC, some black and red shorts, red latex gloves and (totally out of character for me) some black stockings with red tops. There was a pair of shallow, patent leather, pointy toed heels. They wouldn’t last me long but I like to show willing!

The Friday night arrived, and I headed out. Changing there, I met my friends, and we chatted over steaming tea, in spite of the heat of an August evening. Before long Loki asked if I fancied joining him for some rope in one of the private rooms. These private rooms are little windowless cabins. Usually big enough for a queen sized, PVC covered bed with a bin and a little floor space around the foot and one side of the bed. For a private rigger and an introverted bunny this was an ideal space.

I believe I disrobed completely, but I can’t remember exactly. All that effort and planning for my outfit and I can’t even remember whether I wore it or not.

The following is all a bit of a rope space haze!

I know that he and I laughed and joked, chatted and laughed some more. He tied me in (I think) a hogtie. All good so far? Yup.

We’d been discussing a sore spot I had in my buttock, and the troubles it caused my running. As a long-time fan of receiving deep tissue massage, he’d taken the time to learn some himself. He asked if I’d like him to have a go at my sore spots. Hell yes!!

And so he got stuck in, conversation flowing as he worked my knotted muscles. Honestly, it was absolutely incredible. The highlight of the massage being a kneading of my slightly swollen and extremely tight piriformis. It was at this point my brain started to get a bit squiffy. I was having trouble concentrating as I rolled slowly down the hill towards rope space. Satisfied with my significantly reduced tightness he slowly untied me, still going with his welcome chatter.

Now he was asking questions, nothing taxing just asking things at random.

My answers became steadily less coherent until I was a drooling mess, laying on the bed in the little cabin room. I know he stayed with me for a while before popping to the bar area for drinks and snacks. Memories are teasing me that he asked a mutual friend to sit with me while he went upstairs, but I can’t be certain. Either way I was safe, comfortable and relaxed. Untied but completely wrapped up in rope space.

As I floated back down to earth, I wondered if we could return to the social area. Clothing soon restored- had I even been undressed?- we crept up the industrial, metal stairs. Walked directly into the bar area. With a diet coke placed in one had, and a slice of pizza in the other I stood, glued to Loki’s side.

I must have looked a right state, staring glassy-eyed out at people I didn’t really know.

But, I wasn’t left to fend for myself, unlike the last time I’d been rendered mute at NMM. Loki never left my side. I remember one man took an instant dislike to me, thought I was glaring at him, judging him. Loki and he were good mates though and he explained that I was clawing my way back to the real world, after spacing deeply in the rope.

As the night wound down, I went back to the locker room and changed, with Angel and Dr Lovelace too. There was a rude DM who seemed intent on ruining the end of everybody’s night. But all it did was knock the last of the floaty-ness from my body and enable me to drive safely immediately. The other option would have been to lay on my bonnet for a while, but with a Dr Lovelace due to sleep on my sofa I was glad for being able to head home.

And with yet more shenanigans planned the following night…

Barefoot needs her beauty sleep!

I’m sharing Rope Space Found At No Mercy Manor for the final prompt of Wicked Wednesday. On the Bingo card I’m marking off Magical Power because falling into that headspace feels just like sorcery.

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