Rainbow rope, goose bumps and ghost rope make for lovely colours and textures.

Colours and Textures

Rainbow rope, goose bumps and ghost rope make for lovely colours and textures.

Prompt week is here for Sinful Sunday, and I took this image with that in mind. The colours and textures made me feel a bit squiffly when I unbound my thigh. Reaching down and tracing my fingers over the rope shadows my skin erupted in goose bumps. Can you reach in and touch them…?

Seeing that moment, right here on the screen…

It brings back many wonderful memories, not just this particular naked Sunday afternoon

This picture started a chain of thought; could even explain why I chose “rope with friends” for my first weekly theme for February Photo Fest 2021. This week gave me the excuse to look through my files and reminisce. But what about this new image? Where does it fit? Well, there is always space for new friends, especially those with exciting ideas! I captured this moment hot off the heels of a zoom call with a wonderful blogger who I first met at Eroticon 2019. Exposing 40‘s passion for her month in pictures tipped the balance for me to join in too.

It seems fitting to end Rope with Friends week with some Ghost rope; remnants of times, and ties, gone by.

“Art is the colours and textures of your imagination”

~~Meghan Trainor~~

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest
I do enjoy my rainbow rope. It has made it’s way into quite a lot of my posts featuring rope. Be a Rainbow in Somebody Else’s Smile is worth a look. Especially in these challenging times.


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