I is for Icecream


It’s prompt week for Sinful Sunday and this month it is the letter I.

With the heatwave we were having my mind leapt to Icecream. Not one of my wisest thoughts as food has always been a hard limit. Even before I knew what hard limits were!

However, I always enjoy pushing my boundaries and with a special task to complete this wasn’t the time to shy away.

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I is for Icecream was first published on A Leap of Faith.



    1. Thank you K. I need to remember this comment if/when I’m in this position again. N xxx

    1. The prompt was overshadowed by a desire to please Sir. I don’t think I would have were it not for him. But it turned out not to be as bad as I remembered, and i had a week of stretching myself 😉

  1. The cold would have put me off doing this…. I hate cold, although maybe eating the icecream afterwards would have been a nice reward


    1. I must admit the ice cream went back in the freezer. I’m trying to work up the courage to eat it! I’m sure there are better ways of eating ice cream. Although, if I ever have my own toy who enjoys this then… who knows?

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