Fantasy and reality often overlap

Duo Darklion
Credit: Tog- Dark Lion Photography Models- Dr Lovelace and Me

We arrive in the usual way. Well, usual for me. 

Heels, skirts, no knickers, bare legs. Not getting noticed in the lobby and slipping through his door after I take a deep breath in and out. As we settle I unpack the items he has asked me to bring. The wand, my strap on, my coir rope and some cotton lengths too, along with some of my impact toys. Satisfied that they are all there (not that I didn’t check them over thee times before taking my bag to the car) I take another deep breath and turn to you. Feasting my eyes on you one more time, the salacious grin on my face mirroring the one plastered on yours before we break eye contact.

Standing side by side, we put on our blindfolds and wait. 

Very soon he is behind us, inspecting us before asking us to strip. On the next inspection his hands explore us. When he touches my pussy he offers it to you to taste before wiping on my lips and inviting you to taste me. Repeating with your pussy. We are asked to note the taste. 

Next he asks me to tie a chest harness on you in the cotton.

He knows I tie for connection and relaxation, and also he gets off on watching me with my hands caressing your skin. I’m allowed to remove my blindfold but I am not to look at him. He is angled behind me somehow, where he can watch but is invisible to me in the mirror. Not that I look, he trusts me not to, but it’s important to both of us that he is invisible. And as I tie in full view of the man that is out of sight I feel the dampness between my lips begin its sticky descent.

When I’m done I check you’re ok, kiss you deeply and tease your pussy a little before putting my blindfold back on and waiting. When he comes back he turns on the light, places on my collar and ties me in the coir rope.  I tie you, and he reminds me of my place with uncomfortable rope.

He may let me tie you, but he is still in control of me.

Of us…

We then stand side by side again, holding hands while he works us both to orgasm. We both ask permission, and I am denied but no let up in the wand while you orgasm next to me. Two, three, four times maybe? I lose count as I fight to control the sensations building within me. After I am allowed release too we are instructed to drop to our knees, to lick any gush up off the floor. As we clean the carpet he wonders if we can tell which puddle belongs to who. While we are down there he pulls our hair so that we are level with his cock. We take it in turns giving him our best oral and share the shaft, kissing over him, running our wet lips and tongues up and over and round and down. 

He stands us up, folds us over the end of the bed and uses us in turn.

Then he tells me to move up the bed and lay back. “Relax N, take a break” I can hear the smile on his lips as he says this. Then he asks you to make me cum while he uses impact toys on you, and I feel the best shift as you climb up, your breath on my hot lips and tendrils of your hair brushing against my inner thigh… If I can achieve orgasm while you are pleasuring me I can have the same treatment you’re about to receive while feasting on your delightfully soaking slit. If not I can return the pleasure while you suck his cock. He hands you a vibrator and plug then tries to distract you with the impact. None of us has any idea how this test will go, but both possible outcomes are exciting and the not knowing adds to the thrill.

Whatever the outcome I have a plug in place! 

While you recover with a drink I am guided to the bathroom where I’m handed my strap on and left in the bright room to secure it and the dildo in place. I have some water too, replace the blindfold and open the door.

He guides me to the bed where you are kneeling. facing across.

You are asked to suck my “cock”, and when he has fucked you and enjoyed watching us simulate what you are about to do to him, he stands me up and walks me round to take his place. Moving you across so I can get on the bed behind you and you would be at the right height to take him in your mouth. He enjoys that very much before coming behind me, removing the plug and going straight in while I continue fucking you. The pressure from the strap on, your moans, his touch and the sudden and immense fullness of my ass threaten to overwhelm my senses.

You orgasm around the dildo while I orgasm around his cock [permission granted, obviously]


My legs buckle beneath me and as he withdraws he guides me gently to the floor and helps me unfasten the strap on which has been released from your spasming cunt. Your hand brushes my face and I feel you slide down into my arms, where you stay for  moment, resting, catching your breath. It isn’t long before we are on our knees at his feet reaching out to him with our tongues as he sprays our reward all over our faces. When he is sated he settles on the bed and watches us lick each other clean.

Before sending us to the bathroom to dress before we leave.

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    1. The DR and I have had some great fun creating pictures together. With and without the professionals.x

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