A Task For Mr Bee

A task for Mr Bee header shows digital art of a woman in a fishnet body stocking, bound to a st andrews cross, with a latex hood on, being touched by hands.

Do you remember last week I shared a hint of a humiliation task in the post Unknown Hands Unrecognisable Voices. Well, I was taking a trip down my twitter feed when something caught my eye. Attention drawn to some incredible art by the dry wit of the artist. The aforementioned task in my mind, and Christmas fast approaching, I found his commissions page and made contact. I had a task for Mr Bee

I knew full well what memory I wanted him to turn his attentions to for Sir’s Christmas gift. (Because it seems I like to give him presents in the form of art!) Sending a selection of photographs taken by friends on the night in question he set to work. His progress updates were exciting and he sent me the finished product so much quicker than I’d expected.

I love the way he captured the most important parts. The hands, the words emblazoned on my breasts, my smile… Working from those pictures he created something more playful, less restricted, than a photograph. It boggles my mind how he’s made the scene both softer AND darker than the originals that he was working from. I was there, this was my scene, and yet… is this really me? My idea? My kinky itches being scratched for Sir…?

I love it, and more importantly Sir enjoyed it too.

February Photofest 2022

. A Task For Mr Bee is the second post for All About Art week. The fourth theme for February photo Fest 2022.

2022 is my third time participating in February Photo Fest. February Photo Fest 2019 was my first, with my second being February Photo Fest 2021.


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