Fruity Fumblings With A Mini Banana

Fruity fumblings with a mini banana header image shows a mini banana vibrator in my banana tree

When HoneySX got in touch with me asking if I would like me to review a product for them I was curious to see what toy they would like me to test out. They were a new company for me, and looking through their website I noticed that along with the usual suspects there was a selection of novelty, fun items. I didn’t know which they would send like me to road test, but I was curious enough to accept their offer. It turned out that they had fruity fumblings with their Mini Banana Vibrator in mind, and sent it to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t have chosen this for myself.

Food play is a turn off for me, and besides, I love large, lumpy toys. The website told me this one was 13cm long, from end to end, and slender too. However, with an expanding toy collection I thought, perhaps, it would be nice to try something a little different. And a toy banana is not a real banana, right?

It arrived quickly, the parcel discretely packaged. And when I ripped off the plastic postal bag I discovered a little banana-yellow box sealed in thin film. There was no plastic window to see the toy through, but the images on the outside reminded me exactly what I was expecting. It did just look like another fun toy to play with, not a sex toy really, unless you know what you’re looking for.

Because it was such a fun looking box I was extra careful in where I hid it. The playful outer was likely to arouse interest in my smalls. I should add at this point that I am careful not to expose my children to carelessly discarded toys, but had one of them seen it accidentally I think they may have believed it was for them!

Once I had the freedom to inspect my new addition I peeled off the film and opened the box. You know what boxes are like, when you try to open a well sealed box. The vacuum inside made for a slow, gentle and teasing release.

Would that be matched by the mini banana in action…? Slow, gentle and teasing release?

There was only one way to find out!

The first thing I do with all toys is clean them. I was reassured by the website that my delicacy has a waterprrof classification of IPX7. This means it can be submerged up to 1 metre in depth for half an hour. If bathtime play is your thing then I reckon you’ll be all set here. For me this meant that I would be able to soak it after play. A godsend when considering the nooks and crannies around the peeling banana skin.

It was fully charged by the next time I had the house to myself. Once I was got comfortable, pressed the button and…


Oh dear, Barefoot’s being daft again!

It’s not the first time I’ve had struggles with power buttons. This time it was the powering up that caused the issue. For sure, if I’d read the instructions (which explain that you need to press and hold until the light comes on, and then press again to start the vibrations) I’d have been less frustrated, but… I was really eager to get started with my fruity fumblings. Don’t judge me, it had been a while since my last orgasm! Fortunately all was forgiven shortly after.

The vibrations carry all the way along the banana, not just the insertible length, so my hand got a good massage too. And it packs quite the punch when it comes to power. I totally underestimated it, mistaking it for a dinky little novelty when in fact it is a little pocket rocket! The three levels build in intensity, which I loved! Using it for clitoral stimulation was pleasurable, and made my desires grow. Though, I have to be honest, as strong as those vibrations were they were no match for my favourite toy.

I decided I’d best give those patterns a try.

I’m not normally a fan, but the things I do for you lot! As they rumbled away in their various different routines I felt like the shaft grew fatter. I guess this was my blood flow increasing and making my flesh swell around it, gripping tighter with each deep buzz. The third option was by far my favourite, in case you fancy comparing preferences?

I didn’t achieve orgasm on my initial play, but I would choose this for a long, langurous warm up. While I love, love, love hitting the peaks, I also have a love of long, gentle pleasure plays. Which this offered by the bucket load. The battery maintained it’s charge for a full hour, and I was writhing around even if I didn’t reach the big-O.

I believe the size and vibrations make this a great toy for people just setting out on their sex toy journey. It is soft, smooth, easy to clean, quiet, playful, non-intimidating… However, I’m not a beginner anymore, so what can this toy offer me aside from being a warm up toy?

As I mentioned earlier, I am a bit of a size queen.

That didn’t mean that the mini banana was a lost cause for me. The inner curve is 8cm long and the outer curve is 10cm long. Do you see where I’m going here?

After a full recharge- for both myself and the vibe- and a playdate with my wand of choice, I decided to try again. having already tipped myself over the edge a few times I took the plunge, literally! The banana became mini but mighty! The tip rubbed in just the right spot to activate my g-spot. Holy moly, was THAT a satisfying climax?!

Toe curling, breath stealing, bed wetting…

As I sat down to write this review up I had another idea. Turning it over in my hand, wondering if I had managed to get every aspect of pleasure out of it that I possibly could. I wasn’t sure.

This particular piece of writing would have to wait, I needed to know one last thing.

Yes, I had more fruity fumblings with the mini banana in store.

The distance between my clit and my pussy has long been a source of head scratching when it comes to finding a replacement rabbit. Either the distance is too short between shaft and ears, the vibrations don’t carry, or the ears are too hard. Or any other problem you could possibly imagine. I enjoy feeling the pressure against my perineum, while the ears dance around my clit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the vibrations inside too, but the muscle at the back wall of my vulva is such a sensitive spot, which probably explains why I enjoy anal so much. (But I’m sure that’s a post for another day.)

While I turned the silicon fruit over and over in my hand I was suddenly aware of how soft the peel flaps were. How delightfully they yielded against exploring fingertips. Would they…? Could they…? Oooh, it was worth a try.

I powered it up to the gentlest pace before sliding it inside my knickers, positioning the flap at the base of the inner curve against my now alert clit. Would it reach both sensitive spots? Would I be that lucky? I was right! The tip pressed neatly into that sensitive muscle while the peel rippled over my increasingly needy clit. Closing my thighs so it nestled with pressure against both spots simultaneously I was able to get my laptop out for work. (Don’t worry, I’m not masturbating as I type this.) Gently rocking back and forth with the extra tippety-tap vibrations passing through my weighty equipment it wasn’t long before the waves took over me. I thought I was just in store for some pleasure, as with my first test, you can imagine my surprise!

How did I really peel, following my fruity fumblings?

I think I got a little carried away with my explorations of this new, to me, style of vibrator. So here is a summary of my thoughts around the YY Horse mini banana vibrator.

This is a fun little toy, which I can imagine is a really great option for new comers to the sex toy world. If you feel intimidated by the array of super-serious toys, or huge phallic objects, a smaller, quirky pleasure giver may well be the way forward for you. 20+ years ago, my first experience of a vibrator was the hard plastic type with grooves own the side so this would have beaten that hands down! Even if you are a seasoned player there are ways to include this in your toy collection. I’m sure I haven’t uncovered all of the ways to play, if you have any further ideas do let me know!

If pleasure is your measure then this is a great all rounder.

It isn’t girthy so would be as a lovely warm up toy with surprisingly strong vibrations. While it wasn’t guaranteed to have me screaming obscenities I did feel every mm of it massaging me and encouraging the pulsations to start. For me, it is just the right size to work my g-spot once I’m fully stimulated, and is a great length for stimulating my clitoris and perineum simultaneously, the peel is just the right level of firm for comfortable pleasure. The charge to use ratio is really good. 30 minutes to fully powered, with a whole hour of use! And to top thing off it is waterproof. Whether you want to play in the bath or shower, or just thoroughly clean it, that IPX7 rating is a welcome addition indeed.

  • Fruity fumblings with a mini vibrator gallery image shows the vibrator inside its box.
  • The mini banana vibrator fits easily into the palm of my hand.
  • fruity fumblings can only start when you have the power on, light shown to demonstrate when it is ready to go.

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