Zeus Electro Plug Review: A Pain In The Arse?

zeus electro plug on a signal box with electric shock risk label.
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Thank you to the team at Babejuicy.com for sending me the Zeus electro anal plug in exchange for a fair and honest review. Are you an electrosex lover, someone who just can’t get enough? Or are you nervous of electro play and want to run and hide whenever it’s mentioned? Either way, I think this plug is worth further investigation. (Though I come firmly on the “can’t get enough” side of the spectrum.)

As before, I was able to choose my own product to test. While browsing the site for products I’d like to review, this plug leapt out at me. But why? I’m a slut for electro play and have little kit of my own for self love. Also, not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I love anal! How could I turn down the opportunity to review a product where I can indulge both passions?

What exactly is the Zeus electric shock plug?

The toy itself is a black silicone plug with a T-bar base. Completely unidentifiable as an electric shock plug, there are no visible contact points for transferring the shock. It has an insertable length of 10cm and a smoothly tapered end, which swells to the widest point, the circumference measuring 9.5cm (diameter= 3cm). It then tapers off to a narrower stem adjoining the T-bar. Incidentally, this is my favourite type of base, as it means that I can wear for extended periods without upsetting my cheeks. Not that I had any idea if this would be staying in long enough to need easily maintainable wear, but it’s nice to be prepared.

There is a power button on that T-bar, but there is also a remote control. Not only is that great for a lover to hold and maintain control. It’s also really helpful if you’re playing solo. This could get quite interesting, quite quickly.

What were my first impressions?

The plug arrived in the same parcel as the realistic dildo and the G-spot Rabbit vibrator. The little box was untarnished by its journey. The elegant little red devil on the glossy black box made me smile, and when I slid the formed plastic toy holder out of the box the grin spread wider. The plug is, as I mentioned earlier, fairly innocuous to look at. Black silicon and entirely unassuming. It swells in the middle and has a faint bend to it which I guessed would make insertion easier. (Spoiler alert: it does!) Taking it out of its protective packaging it felt light in my hands, weighing in at 94g. Later I would read the user manual and discover that my kitchen scales are accurately calibrated as this is what they had stated it weighed.

Popping it on to charge I sat down to read the instruction manual.

So, the user manual states that it requires two hours to charge and has a maximum of ninety minutes play time. The toy is made of medical grade silicone and ABS. The USB charging cable connects to the base when inserted into a DC port. This makes for a secure port, but makes the waterproof rating IPX6, which means it is safe to get wet, but not to be submerged for a long time. So: gush proof and easy to clean? Sounds more than reasonable to me.

Before getting on to the nitty gritty of the technical details, in English, German and Japanese, it starts out with a little introduction to the manufacturers, Treediride. They aim to provide “high-quality sex toy products, along with intimate love between you and your partner.” I can’t currently comment on the latter, but the former assertion is why I’m here.

The next few pages take you through the controls, both on the base, and on the remote control. While the T-bar button sets the vibrations and one shock pattern going, the wireless controls (which work to up to 25m away) allows you to work through the full range of vibrations AND electric shocks. There are eight modes for each of these buttons. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Electro play with the Zeus Vibrating plug.

I do love electro-stimulation play! While I love the way a shock can make me find my voice, I also love the gentle stimulation which causes me to purr. Without having tested this product I didn’t know which category it would fall under. Would I have to psyche myself up for each shock? Or would I twitch away in ecstasy while gentle pulses of torment flooded my anus? Once the Zeus plug was fully charged (the light switched from flashing to a steady glow) I decided to test it in my hand. To check the controls as much as the power behind the shocks. I think we all know by now how inept I can be at figuring out the buttons!

With the plug tightly clenched in my fist I pressed the power button (on the remote) for two seconds to put the product into standby mode before working through the eight vibration frequencies. Next, I worked through the electric shocks. At this point, were I not a masochist who enjoys the head game of inflicting pain on myself in silly ways, I would have put the toy away and never tested it further.

After working through the patterns my hand was feeling really shocked!

My palm was sweating profusely and uncertainty about whether I could be brave enough for an anal intrusion with this product working to the max. It didn’t take long for me to decide that inserting it and working through the vibrations would be a good start. Slicking up with water-based lube I eased it into position. The plug has smooth sides and swells gently to its maximum girth. The word “eased” is right here, as I had no need to do that self-talk thing, when a toy is stretching me to the max. With a 9.5 cm maximum girth it is on the smaller side of my collection. This makes is a beginner friendly vibrating butt plug. And the vibrations carried well along my back passage, doing that delicious melt-my-brain thing that anal play can do to me.

Relaxed, comfortable and delirious with the sensations, I decided to test out the electric shock functions that I had so far been nervous about using internally.

From the first press I felt much more at ease. The shocks felt like gentle flicks, stimulating and teasing my sphincter. Emboldened I pressed again. And again. Working through the entire set of intensities. The sensations were blissful and stimulating, but never painful. (Unlike in my hand!)

The lack of pain meant that it was possible and pleasurable to thrust the vibrating plug in and out of my body. The current is not strong enough to make me yelp when contact points are reduced. On the contrary, it just changes the pleasure sensors which are being stimulated. I have plenty of flesh on my buttocks and these enjoyed the flicking of nerve endings enjoying their massage.

Combining pleasures.

While the opposite may be true for you, in and of itself, the plug is not going to get me off. But it does make me needy for orgasms. Adding in a wand activated my clitoris which, when paired with the current in my asshole, sped me towards the first of a number of orgasms. I am always surprised when I am overtaken by pleasure within ten minutes, unless I’m ridiculously aroused- such as I was with the angel wings. The combination of intense clitoral stimulation and a shocking plug smashed the walls down, and I writhed and thrashed atop my covers. There were three or four climaxes in quick succession before I realised I had places to be and couldn’t get waylaid.

Cleaning up the Zeus electro play plug.

As it’s made from silicone and has a waterproof rating of IPX6 the Zeus electric shock vibrating plug is a cinch to clean. I wipe off any residue before using an antibacterial soap, warm water and a cloth to clean it thoroughly. There are no nooks and crannies that need scrubbing, no seams or folds which could harbour faecal matter. Just silky-smooth contours perfect for a quick, if slightly hands on, clean up. Then I used a soft towel to dry it before putting it back in the moulded packaging and storing in my toy cupboard.

zeus electro plug in its packaging

The remote control is a separate unit which is not waterproof. If it gets grubby just wipe it down with a soft damp cloth.

zeus electro plug remote control.

Not just for anal!

Having this toy in my ass was a delightful surprise. I can imagine, had I prostate, it would position itself well on the P-spot and provide sweet torture there. However, I don’t. What I do have is a vagina, and with the toy cleaned and recharged I set off to find my G-spot. The firmness of the plug works well for applying pressure here, and, while the vibrations weren’t really noticeable (I am a fan of jack Hammer sensations rather than gentle kisses) the shocks flitted over my stimulated inner walls.

Given the strength of the current, I also decided to take a chance. While I wouldn’t normally allow electrical play on my chest I wondered how these gentle shocks would feel on my nipples. As it turned out my nipples stood to attention at the merest hint of electro play with the plug. This, I consider to be a win! (My nipples are not sensitive at all.)

What do I really think of the Zeus Electro-plug?

Being a cynical woman, I was unsure if I’d like this toy. It had a lot of promise, and I really wanted to enjoy it. But sometimes these things don’t work out quite like you’d hope. Well, in this case, it didn’t turn out as I’d tentatively hoped. I was hoping for pain-pain-pain. It did not deliver. But what it did do is remind me of the other side of electro play. The side which sparks up my nervous system and delivers wonderful sensations outwards from the focal point.

Was I disappointed not to experience the discomfort I’d been expecting? Not in the least! I enjoyed some gorgeous orgasms with a twist I so often overlook. Sex is, for me, very much about the light and the shade. While sir balances the two, when playing on my own I tend to the dark. While electro play will always sit in the dark corners of my mind, the Zeus electro plug has presented me with a way to enjoy the lighter side of the shadows.

If you would like to get your hands on the Zeus Electro play plug it’s currently on sale for $35.99. Head over to babejuicy.com and use the code THEBAREFOOTSUB and you’ll receive 10% off your entire order.

How could I not share this gorgeous little surprise for Mmm Monday? It makes me go Mmmmm, and the review is going live on a Monday! Click the button above to check out what others are sharing this week.


    1. You’re welcome Nora. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget the lighter side of certain kinks. But electro stimulation is just that, and the gentle stimulation of this toy is a welcome addition for me

      I hope you enjoy it if you do try it. Nx

  1. Mister K and I tried one of these, but he was the tryer! Now, I’m thinking I should have been the tester! lol
    Also, I love your reviews. They’re always so enlightening!

    1. Oooooh, how did he find it? I reckon you should switch it up next time! I was so pleased to be reminded of the lighter shade of electro play.

      Also, thank you! I do try hard to test things from as many angles as possible.

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