film noir edit attempt of a blonde woman laying naked on a bed wearing a blindfold.

Film Noir As Moral Ambiguity.

film noir edit attempt of a blonde woman laying naked on a bed wearing a blindfold.

It’s the first weekend in November, which means that it is prompt week over at Sinful Sunday. This month the theme is Film Noir. I love this style of photography and cinematography, and knew that I’d struggle to take a picture even remotely gorgeous enough to do the prompt justice. However, I wasn’t going to not join in.

‘Film Noir is often said to be defined by “moral ambiguity”,’ according to wikipedia. Well, given my proclivity for anonymous sex I decided to tweak the image shared for the post Fuck And Go: An Anonymous Encounter. It seemed a fitting subject. Personally I’m certainly more than comfortable with my own ethics concerning anonymous fucks. However, I know that society in general would likely deem me to have the morals of an alley cat. The “moral ambiguity” forced my decision to edit the image, though I’m not entirely sure I haven’t bastardised the theme. (Perhaps that makes it an even more accurate representation? Who knows!)

Sinful Sunday

Please do click the lips to see what everyone else has done to enjoy the prompt. I, for one, would like to return to this style again so will be enjoying (and hopefully drawing inspiration from) other participants.


  1. I think the edit works really well and I am glad you linked to the other post, I had missed and was glad I got to read it now


  2. I like the image and the explanation resonates with some of my own feelings about the anonymous fuck or as I like to call it “The Faceless Fuck”.
    I’ve never taken the opportunity to find such a thing it was just always appealing. Now I wouldn’t dream of it. Funny how life adapts.
    I still agree that I wish society wouldn’t get hung up on sex just for the sake of sex. It can be a fun social sport.
    I doubt that America will ever get over its Puritanical ideals in regards to sex.

    1. I think there are a lot of similar viewpoints in the UK. But with a smaller population it’s easier to see the balance tipping in favour of open minded values.

      Your “faceless fuck” post was hot!! But I know what you mean, I have an ebb and flow of interests, and experiences that I’ve loved/craved sometimes feel less important after a time. Whether realised or not.

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