G-Spot Rabbit Review: My Perfect Fit?

G spot rabbit vibrator surrounded by pretty yellow flowers.
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I’m on a roll now, aren’t I? This is my third dual stimulation product review in a row! Having been looking for the perfect rabbit for some five years I was beginning to lose hope. Replacing my first marital vibrator, a ‘skilled’ rabbit has been a challenge I’ve been unable to meet. But, as they say “it never rains but it pours!” I found myself perusing the dual stimulation collection at babejuicy.com keeping the search very much alive. Have you ever heard of babejuicy.com? If you’re like me then you won’t have either. When they reached out and offered me some products in exchange for fair and honest reviews I was intrigued. The website offers a mostly non-gendered display of products, which is quite refreshing. I couldn’t resist the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. The selection of rabbits had made my mind boggle, perhaps this would be my perfect fit?

Why choose the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator?

It is relatively recent that I’ve discovered my body does respond to sucking/licking clitoral stimulation. Having gushed over the Alfa and formed a highly successful relationship with the Angels Wings I wondered if diversifying my rabbit collection would work? Perhaps I could switch to licking “ears” and simultaneously stimulating my g-spot. The bend in the shaft looked like it would match the contours of my vagina. The site claimed it was also flexible so it might reach my stubborn outpost. (Or long distance clit.) There is but one way to know for sure, and so this is my first choice.

Taking a closer look at the G-Spot Rabbit vibrator.

What were my first impressions?

My parcel was delivered by UPS, in an unmarked plastic postal bag. There were no tell-tale signs which could have told the driver what I was about to get up to. More importantly, my children could have taken delivery and been none the wiser.

Once I’d opened the parcel, I found the rabbit box to be in perfect condition. The glossy exterior untarnished and the corners not bashed.

The little box was well packed, no bigger than it needed to be. It housed the rabbit in a little plastic bag, charging cable, instruction manual and £20 voucher for a future purchase.

g spot rabbit vibrator out of thebox

Taking a closer look.

Sliding the toy from its bag I found the silicon and ABS on the base smooth to the touch and quite pleasing under my fingers. The silicon does not feel tacky in the slightest, however, it does seem to collect any/every little speck of dust and debris that is floating around. The g-spot rabbit vibrator is waterproof with a rating of IPX6. This means it is submersible for up to three minutes, which makes it easy to clean. (Warm water and anti-bacterial soap.) And due to the nature of testing, it is also proven to be more than gush proof.

I found there to be a faint ridge in the main shaft, where it crooks forward to stimulate the g-spot. It was noticeable under my thumb, but as it was so smooth, I had no inner conflict when thinking about inserting it.

The USB charging cable has a magnetic point of contact.

Plugging it in, the light started flashing. I picked up the instructions and found the English pages where it told me that I had two hours to wait. Once charged the light would stop flashing, and I’d have an hour of use. That gave me time to familiarise myself with the instructions, and to properly look into the dimensions.

From base to tip the G-Spot Rabbit measures 24cm, along the outside edge. The flexible main shaft has an insertable length of 14cm. The ridge beneath the glans is at 7cm from the crease which suggests plenty of (what I think of as) g-spot pop. The completely solid clitoral stimulator arm is 2.5cm from the crease to the inside edge of the cup. Inside the cup, which has an internal diameter of 15mm, is a ‘tongue’ which simulates the licking sensation. (If it helps, the opening of the cup is about the same size as my thumbnail which I keep trimmed.) This cup is ever so slightly angled in towards the main shaft

Making the Rabbit Vibrator work.

You may remember that I am easily confused. Pleasingly, the designers have made the options as easy as possible to navigate. Therefore, I have not got myself in a muddle!


The power buttons are beneath the clitoral stimulation arm, where they can be easily found by a thumb while the vibrator is in use. The lips control the suction cup, the flame powers the heating mode and the ridged line takes you through the vibration patterns in the main shaft. Whichever option you would like to use, just press and hold that button until the light comes on. The heating function will start warming immediately, but the vibrator and suction require short presses to scroll through the intensities and patterns for the motors. To power off press the correct button for 1.5 seconds.

The clitoral suction cup offers five intensities with up to 50 licks per second. The G-spot massager has 10 vibration modes. Babe Juicy states that there are “up to 300 vibrations per minute.” That seems like a lot, and I wondered how they would translate into pleasure for my greedy, needy body.

Luckily I didn’t have long to wait.

As if on cue the light stopped flashing. The latest addition to my toy box had reached full battery and was ready to go. Initially I just wanted to practise with the buttons, firstly holding it just in my hand then inserting and making sure I could manage the three different buttons. While I love to use lube I have learnt my lesson. Always have a spare towel for wiping off excess before attempting to control toys. With these buttons being part of the silicon body, and therefore flush to it, I was glad to have dry hands. Finding them and deciphering which is which, without looking, would have been really tricky else.

The flex in the main shaft is generous, but it isn’t floppy.

It takes effort to stretch it back in my hand, and this translates well internally where my vaginal walls put up quite a fight. The ten different patterns and intensities travel well along the shaft, carrying well to my g- and c- spots. The latter only accessible with pressing the toy in firmly.

My personal preference is for straight, intense vibrations, rather than patterns, so the first three presses worked best for me. Unusually though, it was the second which lit me up. Looking at the patterns below, perhaps it is a little fiercer with those deep vibrations? I don’t know, but it felt like I would melt at certain points during testing.

The heating function warms the shaft to 38 degrees.

This makes it feel more natural when inserting. Though it does take a little while to come up to temperature. If you prefer a body-temp toy then this might be a good time to practise patience.

The clitoral stimulator is busy too, with five intensities to scroll through.

With my recent successes I thought I’d be in for a winner, but the rigid arm makes it anatomy specific. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t quite fit the mould so this part doesn’t fit me. With a long clit to vagina gap, I couldn’t quite reach the cup over my clit. When I wriggled the internal workings, bent the shaft hard, I could reach the cup over my clit, however, the angle became tilted. This meant I couldn’t create a seal. This seal is required for suction to engorge my clit and make it reach the licking tongue.

The air gap did make a fun fapping noise, which gave me giggle in spite of my frustration.

It also shows me that the pressure would curl the toes of a discerning clit. So long as you have a shorter distance for the toy to cover. I have no doubt that LovelyL will enjoy this. I look forward to sharing it with her in due course. Then I shall update the review with her findings. (I’ve also got my eye on this similar-but-different piece of kit. Perhaps this is the way forward for my dual stimulation adventures.)

What do I think of the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator?

I wanted to love this piece of kit, and in many ways, it is a great sex toy. The internal shaft is flexible enough to fit comfortably. It’s also firm enough to give the required pressure where it is needed. The heated tip makes it feel more natural as you thrust it. And the vibrations in the shaft carry well through the waterproof, silicon body. For me, the clitoral stimulation part is not effective. Purely because I can’t quite get it to reach and sit right.

I’m glad to have tried the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. It has given me reason to stop and reassess my own needs from dual stimulation vibrators. There is no permanent space in my toy bag. Why? Because it isn’t a good fit for me. Much like I wouldn’t keep a dress that doesn’t suit my less than voluptuous chest. That’s the joy of sex toys life. It’s not one size fits all. And while this isn’t a fit for me, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be for you.

The G Spot Rabbit vibrator is currently on sale for $32.99. Go and check them out, here is a sitewide sale on currently! If you use the code THEBAREFOOTSUB you’ll receive 10% off any purchase.


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