encased in latex enclosure hood with a pony tail

Dr Lovelace To The Rescue

encased in a Dr Lovelace latex enclosure hood with a pony tail
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Those first months without Sir weren’t all about sex. In fact, aside from my encounters with Mr Knickers and the guy who got lost in his own orgasm, I’d been taking care of my own needs perfectly well. August was soon upon me and with it came my child-free fortnight. Summer 2018 was still a time of great worry when they were away, but I was hopeful of rest and relaxation. And some kinky fun with friends like Dr Lovelace and Loki and…

Would I be indulging in some sexy hook ups?

Probably not. The well had run dry, quite literally, and my libido was nowhere to be seen. Sure, I could have planned something, made a splash on fab, but at that time my inner slut was on her summer holidays. Instead my kinks manifested in the form of platonic intimacy.

Over the next few posts you’ll be seeing some familiar names, and perhaps even meeting some new ones. Or meeting familiar faces for the first time in my timeline. It could get confusing but stick with me. All will come together in the end.

One sunny August afternoon Dr Lovelace arrived straight from work.

She was laden with parcels that her smile suggested she was hugely excited to unpack. Not only this but she also had a bag full of latex hoods for me to try.

In the first parcel was a rather beautiful gas mask. A Russian GP 7 mask and guess who was to have the honour of first wear. That’s right, me! There is a first time for everything, and this was mine.

Inhaling the rubbery scent (a favourite smell since childhood dental appointments) I’d pulled it into position and looked in the mirror. Excited I clasped my hands to my cheeks. What I’d failed to realise was that the air intake was at the side, and I had a little panic as I failed to inflate my lungs. It wasn’t until I gesticulated for help that the air flooded in and I understood. Regaining my composure I removed the mask, collapsing with howls of laughter and relief, explaining to the bemused Dr Lovelace what had happened.

Once I’d regained my composure, and plied my friend with tea, she pulled out a rather magnificent hood.

An enclosure hood. It was made of black latex and had the usual face and eye holes. These were trimmed with white though, framing my features, highlighting them. The buckles at the side hinted at what was to come, and as I handed my sight to Dr Lovelace, I understood.

With her infectious enthusiasm I crawled my rubber clad way along my living room floor as she snapped photos on her phone.

I have to say that I think this may well be my favourite hood yet!

After a delicious dinner she dug around in her bags and pulled out yet another package. This time it was candles. THIS was the reason we’d planned the evening. My introduction to gas masks and her hoods was a complete surprise!

I’d enjoyed wax play previously, with Dr Lovelace, solo and with others.

The pricklish, stingley sensations feel so good to me. However, she wanted to introduce wax pouring, and had brought candle jugs. Together on a shower curtain spread over my lounge carpet, she poured hot wax over my feet. I shared some of these images of my encased feet at the time, when the pain of separation was raw. It is friends like Dr Lovelace that helped me heal. Their gentle kindness bringing joy to my heart. Intimacy doesn’t need to be sexual or romantic. The platonic kind can be just as healing and fulfilling.

But that wasn’t the end of our adventures, more plans were afoot for later that week. You’ll have to come back to find out what they were!

I’m sharing this post for the final Wicked Wednesday prompt: Bingo. Striking off the intimacy and self-esteem box as I go.

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