Dr Lovelace taught me how to pose for photos in a chair.

Photos Galore At Twisted Boudoir!

Dr Lovelace taught me how to pose for photos in a chair, with a hat.

You could be forgiven for thinking that I’d have a rest after such a floaty night at No Mercy Manor, but all that I needed was a nice sleep to be ready for the next adventure. Dr Lovelace and I were heading to Twisted Boudoir for an evening of high jinx and playful kink. Hopefully we’d be able to get a couple of photos to document our evening!

Looking at the guest list I knew some of the people who would be attending. I was particularly excited that JayDS was going to be there, with his Toy. But there were lots of fet-names I didn’t recognise and, as usual, relished the chance to meet and observe new faces. (Social situations is where my inner voyeur spreads her wings.)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Dr Lovelace is one of the reasons I started modelling. After my first shoot with the photographer I met on Fabswingers– no, we didn’t play, it was just pictures- she encouraged me to join PurplePort. Later we would shoot together, but up until this point she’d just been helping me gain confidence in front of the camera, and with make-up. Having shown off my outfit, the cogs started turning. Her creative mind was firing up, ideas forming.

After a day of weaving plans together, and eating some mighty fine food, we hit the road.

Once at the venue we changed, added make up and then she took some pictures, guiding my poses. After a lot of giggling, we went our own ways to socialise. She made a beeline for the owner while I sat and enjoyed JayDS caning his toy. He would ask what implement to use next and I was always helpful with my answers. Assisting fellow masochists in experiencing their kink in the best possible way is something I really enjoy. Some think I’m a sadist, but I’d counter I’m just one pain monkey sharing her joy with the (consenting) world.

Once their scene was over, I withdrew, giving them space for aftercare after delivering some cups of water. Dr Lovelace intercepted my meandering and drew me off to a corner she’d set up. Handing me a hat (one from the owners large collection) she pointed me to the spanking chair and told me this was what we were doing next. An impromptu photo shoot, in a very public setting.

“I’ve got permission for photos” she grinned, demonstrating how I might sit.

Angles, poses, facial expressions… I had a very thorough modelling masterclass. After completing our shoot it was time to mingle again, with fresh cups of tea. Watching a tall, dominant woman flogging a bare bottom, I quietly chatted to a man who was also watching the scene unfold. Not only was he watching this play, he’d also been enjoying my antics in front of the camera. He recognised me from Fetlife and my self-tie adventures there. He introduced himself, with his vanilla name and his fet name. I’ll introduce him here as Northern Man.

We started discussing rope, among other things, shared interests and curiosities. Before the impact scene was over the question came: Would I like to tie with him? While I’m quite particular over riggers, I also have a “nothing ventured, nothing gained” mentality. It didn’t take long to decide. Yes, I would like to be tied that evening, and I felt relaxed with him. Instantly at ease and comfortable. Plus, with Dr Lovelace and the team at Twisted on hand, if things took a turn, I’d be free in no time. (Not that I expected they would, but I’m a safety conscious woman.)

With me on a massage table he bound me in a hogtie. Arms in a TK, ankles bound to my hair, I don’t think there is a picture he took where I wasn’t grinning or giggling. Actually, that statement fits all photos I’ve found from that night. In fact, most pictures of me in a kink scenario.

Once out of the rope, we exchanged numbers, so he could send the photos.

(What a lot of pictures! And me in make up too.) There I was, one happy bunny, grinning from ear to ear as my ankles threatened to rip my hair from my head. What a fun way to finish an evening of playful kink among friends, old and new.

I’m sharing this to the final Wicked Wednesday prompt: Bingo, and striking through Bottoms. Why? After all, my bottom hasn’t made an appearance in this post! Well, I was getting my kink on in with two tops. One was all about directing the photos, the other about the rope (with pictures too.)

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  1. First of all, that image above. It is absolutely stunning! Love the pose, the clothes, the hat, everything! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening and in my mind’s eye I saw you walking there on a kink event and being viewed as a professional model. Lovely!
    ~ Marie xox

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