Passion is more developed than discovered

Developing marks for "passion is more developed than discovered"

If my first child-free weekend in my new home was a resounding success it was about to be challenged.

Attending one local kink night with SL and being whipped to orgasm by his Mistress led to me feeling confident enough to attend one of Her events. I hit the “going” button on Fetlife and started to plan my evening. Which didn’t take as long as you may imagine. At this stage I was attending as a solo newbie to events. I was planning to socialise and had very little by way of plans aside from that. MsD was co-hosting with her husband so the opportunity to ‘play’ was limited.

That was ok, as I never take anything for granted, especially ad hoc scenes.

I was on course to arrive on time, but got held up with the handover of my children when P was late leaving work. I had packed my stuff in the car and was able to head straight to the club after drop off. Unlike the first time I had attended there was no queue. No crowd of noisy strangers to stand among nervously as I waited for entry.

This time it was direct entry into the den of iniquity that is No Mercy Manor.

As I signed in with the owners I spotted SL across the bar area. He had been nervously awaiting my arrival, free of duties to MsD while she fulfilled her hosting roles. Once I was changed and we had enjoyed a cup of tea along with a catch up he took me on a tour of the club again. I had only been once so far and that had been six months previous. When we had finished wandering we made our way back to the bar area. There was a couple there, I had met them both previously, her at the previous NMM and him at various different events since I had first been active in the scene. Most notably at the previous event with his toy. We all got chatting, SL knew them well and made sure I was a part of the evening.

She went off to enjoy a punishment scene with a bratty boi, and I stayed chatting to the two men.

As the evening wore on, and the quantity of tea consumed reached epic proportions, the conversation moved on to some impact play. Discussions back and forth about canes and dressage whips. JD and I went to find a spanking bench. As luck would have it there was a spare next to his partners bench, where she was just ending her scene. As I removed my dress, she sat down with her boi to watch our scene while providing him with the care that he needed. Initially I was a little nervous about taking my dress off in front of a club full of people, but he had a way of asking that made me settle quickly. I think the cane in his hand had something to do with it. Plus, part of my growing body confidence was due to seeing kinksters of all shapes, sizes and orientations baring their flesh confidently and beautifully. JD and I shared a great scene where I met a selection of his canes and we learnt a lot about each other. I was left with a very tender behind and a smiling face while some of their friends (soon to be mine too) watched. After the scene I pulled my dress back on, and the three of us headed to the hot tub, on the lower ground floor.

I chatted to JD and his partner while I came down from the impact play, and before long was with it enough to chat to others in the water.

Across the water from me was CK, a lovely man with a foot fetish and a love of vore. It was lovely to chatter away about his primary fetish which I had never heard of before. Over the roaring bubbles and the floaty spanking high I learnt a little about this new (to me) kink. It’s always fascinating to learn about new ways that people enjoy themself, having my mind stretched to understand what fills another’s with joy is part of the wonder of this amazing world.

We are all so different, but not so different after all.

As the conversation progressed he asked if he could massage my feet. I never been one to refuse an offer of a foot rub so I gladly accepted, and settled back to enjoy the firm strokes on my soles, the harsh jets on my sensitive flesh and a gentle conversation with JD and his lovely lady. I felt CKs strokes becoming less firm and realised that he was trying to get my attention. Withdrawing my foot and leaning forward he gently asked if he could bite my soles while he continued to massage them. I didn’t hear him at first, over the cacophony of noise in the large jacuzzi, but as I leant in closer he seemed to get quieter, shy away from what he was asking. When I finally managed to understand I smiled and accepted, taken right back to my day of Sin. I gladly accepted and relaxed into the bliss of gnawed soles and good company.

The night was truly first class, and as the marks developed over the days that followed so did my friendships with JD and CK.

Passion is more developed than discovered was first published on A Leap of Faith.

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