Honey Ducky 2 sat on a bridge next to a river, in the middle of a rain storm.

Orgasm Required: A Honey Ducky 2 Review

Honey Ducky 2 sat on a bridge next to a river, in the middle of a rain storm.
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I was sat at the dinner table last night when I realised something was going on. My clit, which has been in a drop-induced coma was suddenly wide awake and demanding attention. Clearly, being the responsible parent I am, there was nothing that could be done for a few hours, when they would be in bed. But it didn’t stop me plotting. And I knew full well where I was going to start once I was alone. With the Honey Ducky 2!

What on earth is the Honey Ducky 2??

An upgraded version of the Honey Ducky, the Honey Ducky 2 is a twin functioning clitoral stimulator. Shaped like a rubber duck, it offers clit suction through the tail end, and clit licking through the beak- complete with mini ducky tongue. (Of course, there is nothing stopping you using either tail or beak for other sensitive spots!)

Honey ducky 2 from all angles.

When Funzze sent me this new toy I was amused but also excited. Preconceived ideas, surrounding my enjoyment- or lack thereof- of suction toys, meant that I only expected to use the beak. But that, given my receptiveness to those little flappy tongues, I would probably enjoy myself riding the beak. Plus, I have a rubber duck gag, and a rubber chicken for impact play. Let’s add to the menagerie!!

First impressions of my new duck friend.

The packaging was simple. A cardboard box which opened out to reveal the toy, charging base and cable, each separately bagged. I must admit to giggling a little when I saw it. This sex toy wouldn’t look out of place in my bathroom, alongside children’s bath toys. Then there was a shiny gold toy bag, and finally a business card size set of instructions. I was away for the weekend, but knowing I’d be at SWLs house I took the box along. She was curious to see this new toy, and I had a sneaking suspicion Sir was going to task me with orgasms so taking something that was advertised as very quiet seemed like a good idea. Not that SWL would mind me disappearing to fuck myself but drilling myself through the floor and into her lounge seems a little inconsiderate.

I set the charger up on the bedside table. With the little light blinking I walked away, knowing the process would take 2-3 hours. (According to the website this provides 2-3 hours of use, which is a definite bonus.) Once charged we inspected the toy. Testing the suction on our fingers and pondering the sensations when used in more sensitive areas.

I’d been correct that Sir would be setting me to work, I had been wrong in how.

He set a no orgasm rule for the week but requested I edge instead. Now I REALLY wanted to cum but wasn’t allowed. However, the requirement to pleasure myself from the Sunday excited me. Which is how, on that Sunday afternoon, home alone, I sobbed into my pillow when the orgasm was denied.

Honey Ducky 2, with its 23mm beak opening and its little yellow flapping tongue, gave me just the sensations I needed to climax, without the opportunity to follow through. Gahhhh!! But also, Yayyyy!

The beak is made of a firm yet flexible silicone. Applying a little water based lube the beak, with its 23mm opening, formed a suction seal over my clitoral hood. Once powered up the licking felt divine, with three intensities and four patterns to work through.

I quickly discovered that rotating the toy meant the licking went side-to-side on my clit rather than top to bottom. This might not sound like a big deal, but the change between the two directions of play was immense, for this clit owner at least. I quickly rattled through my four edges for the day with the clit licking function working its magic across my swollen, sensitive nub.

Cleaning up after a wet and wild afternoon.

The Honey Ducky 2 has a waterproof rating of IP65. This means that it is shower proof and can withstand low pressure jets of water from any direction. It also means you would be ill advised to submerge it. While a gushing orgasm should be no problem at all for this little sensation, cleaning up afterward requires more thought than soaking in a sink full of soapy water. Spraying with an antibacterial toy cleaner, and finishing with a clean, damp, soft cloth is my preference.

Scratching an urgent itch.

The end of my edging came with an intense birthday scene with Sir and a friend. As ever what goes up must come down. With freedom to orgasm as desired, my clit went into hibernation. Until two nights ago when it woke at the dinner table. Desperately needy after it’s long sleep. Addressing this urgent need I knew would require a quiet sex toy. The beak volume measures 46.7dB on its most intense setting, and the open tail comes in at 67.9dB but as soon as the suction cup is in place it drops down to 45.8dB. Knowing these levels weren’t enough to travel through the ceiling, I decided to get off, or at least get started, with Honey Ducky 2.

In my excitement I pressed the wrong button, powering up the tail.

In my heightened state I decided that I had little to lose from trying a function that normally is ineffective. (I’ve always been left wanting with suction toys in the past.) Spreading my labia and exposing my clit I positioned the tail opening. The narrow hole took charge immediately, gently but noticeably pulling my clit into the hole. (It is a mere 14mm diameter.) I had the hype to hand and decided to give this air tech a boost by setting my G-Spot on fire too. Soon panting, I was tantalisingly close to the edge. Though I didn’t climax with this technique, I did get closer than suction technology has brought me previously.

Ready to cum I switched ends, powered down the tail, and set the beak off.

This time I was ready to orgasm almost immediately so, naturally, decided to delay and build the intensity. The beak nestled between my labia, held my clitoral hood out of the way and set about pasting my swollen clitoris. Greedy now I reintroduced the g-spot vibrations and turned Honey Ducky 2 round so it was licking left-to-right. At this point I crumbled, becoming a squirting, dribbling, pulsating mess.

More ways to test, when the opportunity allows.

Immediately I saw the way this toy was designed, I wondered if it might be suitable for mutual satisfaction. (I had LovelyL in mind with this thought. I don’t find the act of scissoring to be pleasurable but wondered if, with the Honey Ducky 2 between our clits we might each find it more stimulating? She also has sensitive nipples so I thought, if she’s happy I would love to test this on her. But this will have to wait as permission is required.

Final thoughts on Honey Ducky 2!

Each time I’ve trialled this sex toy I have delighted in the sensations. The suction tail took me by surprise, it’s effective enough to make me writhe in pleasure, if not quite ecstasy. (Unheard of for air pressure technology.) I love the licking tongue inside the beak, it has a good action which stimulates on contact. The size of the opening is plenty big enough for my voluptuous clitoris, and strong enough to hold the labia in the position I’d spread them into. Also, it was nice to have the freedom to rotate the head, which in turn gave pleasure from different angles. And that pleasure…

Given the way my body responded during edging, I know this clit stimulator can get me to orgasm on its own. But I enjoy the fact that it teams up so nicely and works well with others. It’s not a complicated piece of kit. One button per end with simple scroll through functions. Which means I don’t get confused. (Which happens easily when I’m masturbating, or otherwise absorbed in an activity.) Honey ducky 2 has earned its place in my inventory of fuck-kit, and I’m looking forward to exploring further with it. Both solo and with my LovelyL. (If she’s game for a giggle.)

The Honey Ducky 2 is available through Funzze for $42.99. (At the time of publishing.) If you decide to give this fun little toy a run for its money, I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know in the comments below.

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