Peeking sinfully

A derelict train station building in the middle of a leafy green scene. Peeking sinfully out of the doorway is a naked lady wearing a black latex hood with red trim around her eyes.

Who is that, peeking sinfully out of the derelict building in the woods? Why, It’s me of course!

I’ve just clicked submit on my penultimate essay for the module and realised I still have time to share some mischief forĀ sinful sunday.

This picture definitely reflects the way I feel this evening.

Good luck world!

I am sneaking a glimpse out of the shadows and feeling playful. And I’m reminded of this quote:

It’s fun to peek into other people’s worlds and see how they go about doing things

~~Norah Jones~~

So while I take a cheeky look at you from my spot in the woods, have a look back into my world and enjoy the differences. And perhaps the similarities too. What do you do when you’re letting off some steam? Do you enjoy getting naked in the spring sunshine? Are you a fan of hiding in plain sight? Or do you do something different entirely?

Click the lips to see what other people are getting up to this week:

Sinful Sunday
Peeking sinfully was taken at my first ever trip out with a photographer. I’ve since created more beautiful images with other artists. You might enjoy Positivity is a superpower, this time a studio image created with another photographer friend.


  1. Peek a boo! This would make a fab story prompt! I love the contrast of the natural surroundings and the lure of you in your hood peeking playfully in the doorway like a kinky Little Red Riding Hood!

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