feeling energetic on finding a rope swing to play on with my breasts exposed.

Am I feeling Energetic? Let’s Continue with E through G

feeling energetic on finding a rope swing to play on with my breasts exposed.

Goodness gracious me, this month is proving very light on writing- I’m struggling with feeling energetic after an extended period of being constantly “ON”, but I’m glad I’ve joined in with Mrs Fever’s Q&A style A-Z April. Her daily posts have me popping back regularly, I’m really enjoying getting to know her more via these posts, and I hope the corresponding posts over here will help shed some light on me. Without further ado, let’s pick up from Kicking off with A through D, and continue with E…


How do you recharge your battery?

Firstly, consider my relative blogging absence of recent weeks. It’s not surprising that my battery has been incredibly low on charge. Each morning has required a jump-start in the form of significant amounts of caffeine. But as most drivers will understand, it’s not the jump that recharges the battery in the engine, it is the long drive afterwards.

After an exemplary Easter weekend I am feeling energetic enough to write.

Over the days that have passed I’ve gained current insight into how I manage my spoons, rather than reflecting on challenging times of the past. On Friday I had fun family time, and lots of driving. With Music for my soundtrack rather than what has become a customary audiobook following a conversation with my oldest about music and how it reflects our mood. Anyway, this had me singing songs such as the rather random When Bisuits Go Wrong and Jack Schitt’s version of Boney was a Warrior.

By the time I arrived at 1001011s house for a few hours of rope I felt ready for the world. I think I surprised us both by asking to tie him, and I was absolutely buzzing after completing my first proper suspension of another person, without having an experienced rigger watching over my work. As I emailed Sir on Sunday, sharing my exploits, the buzz returned. The last couple of years have been pretty draining on my rope-confidence as a rigger, but I think that Friday may have paved the way for me to explore this more. (There may be plans in the making, you’ll just have to stick with me.)

Saturday my body decided that it was time for a rest. I spent the day feeling rather sorry for myself, and the sofa caught me in an embrace from which I was powerless to leave. Which meant I couldn’t attend a gathering with friends in the evening. My body doesn’t often go on strike, so this may have been out of character but was obviously desperately needed. Especially after I hadn’t listened in the weeks prior and left myself injured and unwell. (Silly Barefoot! I am learning. Slowly!)

I felt so much better, if a little groggy, on Sunday morning.

Back to caffeine for my required jumpstart, I was soon on my way for a day of walking the coast with a new friend, Bunny. We had so much fun, things that I would have enjoyed (and used to top up the stores solo) were even more beneficial with a fabulous woman who shares my zest for life. The list of loveliness includes, but is not limited to: fresh air; big skies; random NSFW picture opportunities; delicious food; time in the sea (Bunny swam, I just went in to my waist allowing my nether regions to get so cold they ached- delicious!) and some time playing on a rope swing.

The rope flung us out over a wooded valley, starting from way up the trails. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but there was a moment, on each swing over the abyss, that I felt I’d never return to the bank I’d left just a short while ago. Obviously I had to get my boobs out, because laughter and boobs help me feel more energetic, though I’ve already shared a rope swing for my scavenger hunt adventures so this is a bonus!

I could go on all day, sharing what revitalises my soul and adds to me feeling energetic, but I don’t want to jinx it. So I shall move on to the next question…


Classic or otherwise, what are your favorite films?

I’ve agonised over this question since reading Ms Fevers post. I didn’t think I watched many films, and certainly couldn’t think of any that I yearn to watch over and again. Of course, this wasn’t always true, and so I’ll share my movie memories her. As a girl I only remember watching three films properly. We didn’t watch much TV, and with no local cinema movies weren’t really on my radar. I enjoyed watching plays instead, but for the most part I was out on my bike, or inside listening to music and reading. The films that I did return to again and again may well have shaped my view of humanity.

  • The Ugly Dacshund is, I’m sure, to blame for my ambivalence towards Sausage dogs. But it also mirrors a lot of what I see in life, where the pack mentality takes over and the popular crowd can make things very difficult for those who don’t quite fit in. Oh, and I also love BIG dogs, they’re my favourite. Especially when they think they’re lap cats!
  • Three Men And A Baby and its sequel Three Men and A Little Lady lay the foundations for an unhealthy crush on two of the three actors, perhaps this is where my interest in non-monogamy began?
  • And then there is Mary Poppins, whom I was overjoyed to meet in Leicester Square earlier this year. (OK, it was a bronze statue, but… YAY!!! #LifeGoals) Well, I don’t know if this film is to blame for my positive perception of the world, but I do often find myself often with an earworm courtesy of Mary. Especially at random stages of very, very long runs.

Which leads me on nicely, to current day Barefoot.

Did you know that I enjoy running? My oldest and I enjoy a little time each day to watch something and do some jigsaw puzzle. (It’s really nice that he wants to do this as he is in his teenage years and I expected him to pull away already.) Anyway, I’ve digressed. Though he doesn’t run, or have any desire to do so, he’s curious about my love of, and need for, running. Together we have watched a lot of running films on YouTube and Prime. He’s fascinated by the lengths people will go to. I think that seeds may be being planted as to his sense of adventure. Wherever that may take him. This is my favourite kind of film to watch now, and here are my favourites.

I know the films that follow are short, but that doesn’t mean they are any less likely to make me FEEL what the main characters are enduring.

  • Where Dreams Go To Die is one man’s journey to the end of the Barkley Marathons. This is a running challenge unlike any other, and the film very much takes me to my masochistic headspace.
  • Running For Good is an ordinary lady leading an extra-ordinary lifestyle in order to feed her animals. This adventure takes us with her to the Sahara Desert for the Marathon De Sables.
  • And the last one is Through The Pain. A story of love, heartbreak and determination, focusing on one woman’s effort to complete the Montagne Spine race.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy regular movies, but I rarely absorb them. I hope you enjoy these introductions to what I can sit down and enjoy. Have you any suggestions for me? Or any thoughts on the above films? I’d love you to share them in the comments below.


Have you ever heard of a Rube Goldberg Machine? Have you seen one in action?

I must admit to not being familiar with the machine in question. Not by any name, anyway. But after reading her post I noted that yes, I certainly had seen plenty of these in action. At least, in videos on YouTube. Yes, my children are of the YouTuber generation. In between the unruly “children” (who are actually adults being really immature) there are some really great channels to discover. One of which is Kids Invent stuff. They make science really accessible for enthusiastic young scientists (my oldest) and those who are less than keen (my youngest). The Giant Kids Rube Goldberg machine is, quite simply, ace!!

Whenever I see one of these I do have an internal chuckle. This is how my brain works, for the most part. The more anxiety I have fuelling my feeling of being energetic, the more complex the design of my Rube Goldberg mind-machine becomes. It creates a series of unnecessary challenges for me to complete on my way to finding a solution. But it does make the whole process more interesting than finding the answer simply and easily.

This is where I shall stop today, I’m still feeling energised, but am wary that you all might be in need of some respite. I’ll be back soon with the next set of questions.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed Am I Feeling Energetic? Let’s Continue With E Through G. It’s the second post of my A-Z April challenge for 2022, Keep an eye out for the third post, H through to…


  1. In backwards order:

    I’m working with elementary students right now as my primary gig, so I’m excited to check out your shared Goldberg Machine link. 🙂

    YES to Mary Poppins! I had a mad crush on Julie Andrews as a child because of her awesomeness in that role — my crush on Burt (Dick Vandyke) was incredibly minor in comparison, but equally influential: I saw a man not afraid of having fun, and when you add the “woman in charge” firm-but-kind nanny factor, that definitely shaped my vision of what kind of relationship was right for me!

    I’m glad you got some recharge time in the outdoors and also that you accomplished a solo (unsupervised) suspension rig. I look forward to reading more about your new journeys in rope. 🙂

    1. I think my crushes may have been weighted the other way, but I maintain a love of hardworking (read: grubby/sooty/greasy) men which *may* link back to the chimney sweeps. Mary Poppins is definitely to blame for my handbag that contains everything. As evidenced at a munch…

      More journeys in rope will be arriving in your inbox soon. 😉

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