elust 148 header shows naked lady kneeling by the window

Elust 148

elust 148 header shows a lady in thigh high heels kneeling over a chair by a window.
Image courtesy of Kitty Sinclair. Photography by AT Glamour London.

Elust 148, the April edition of the monthly digest, is here! And this month it’s jam packed with new (to me) and familiar faces, all sharing our favourite posts and pictures.

Welcome to elust 148

Featured Post by the Winner of Elust Contest for March, The Barefoot Sub.

Threesome: The Clue Is In The Name While I love group play, the risk of playing with strangers is that your boundaries may be disrespected.

Erotic Fiction

Safe chapter 3 Dani is a very mischievous young lady, but at least there is no doubt about what she wants from Caleb.

Droit de Seigneur 34 It’s no secret I love this series, and would whole heartedly recommend you take a trip back to the start for the complete story. However, each post work well on its own, so you can whet your appetite here.

Maneater Do you know about Sissitirx? They are up to their normal tricks of causing delightfully erotic sensations with their art work.

The Needy Princess The Cunning Linctus has been busy writing erotic fiction, with a focus on including nine, specific words. No mean feat, but this hits the spot.

For Sale by Owner I’m really not sure if I want to be Miss Ann, or buy her. Either way, I love Mrs K’s storytelling.

Moon Feather: Part 33: Clothes It’s always nice to catch the next instalment of Moon Feather.

The Shower Vikki is new to me, as she has recently returned to regular blogging. If the rest of her writing is as intense as this I look forward to familiarising myself with her posts.

Strangers in the Den I’m so glad not to have been tasked to seduce a stranger, without using a swinging site. However, if he did take me down this path I would hope to have the same confidence as Mrs Stone.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Diary of a Sex Educator: my job vs. dating It was really fascinating to read how a writer and educator I respect so much walks the tightrope between her work and her personal life, with confidence and dignity.

F For Friend I think, sometimes, it is accepted that to be a true submissive you must always do what you’re told, whatever it is. This isn’t my experience, my submission has been developed on a basis of personal responsibility and mutual respect. It’s great to read Lillith’s thoughts on this too. An intriguing read.

Are You Bad at Watching Porn? It seems that, even if you are at the moment, Frank Noir has some handy hints on how to develop your relationship with porn.

9 Essentials for a Sex Vacation and How to Pack Them Some fabulous suggestions here for holiday packing.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Kinks- Spankings I really enjoyed this insight into not only Simone’s characters, but the fantastic world of pain and pleasure.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Ageing and Changing Molly is starting to tell the story of her realisation and acceptance of reaching the peri-menopause. I’m looking forward to following her journey.

Erotic Non Fiction

Fucking Charlotte I find reading from a males perspective so refreshing, and this reflection has piqued my interest to read more. It’s a good job My Dissolute Life has generous archives to keep me going.

Hellraiser A fast paced and erotic look into the world of this Mistress.

Surprise Visit There is so much heat in this post! I’m looking forward to the next part.


The Right One I love it when poetry transports you somewhere else entirely, just like this one. Brilliant!

Sex Work

Balla Balla Bootcamp for a Mummy’s Boy. A Duo with Miss Myers. This is a man who really enjoys and takes pride in his work. I always enjoy his adventures.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts for elust 148. You can find my previously published digests here.

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