Sinful spoons

Time to manage my spoons.

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone wants one of my spoons!

Just over a year ago I learnt of the Spoons Theory. It has been suggested that each of us has a certain amount of spoons each morning when we wake up, and over the course of the day we use those spoons to stir different pots, until they run out. Sometimes we can borrow from the following day but… that leaves us depleted. These pots won’t stir themselves, and unless we are really careful they could all start to bubble over.

My understanding is that when I am struggling with my depression I have less spoons.

This means I can stir less pots. Constantly borrowing from the next day leaves me in a bit of a muddle until I run out completely and everything comes crashing down around me. And at this time of year there are a lot of pots that need stirring!!

Much earlier this year I was able to change my thinking on spoons a little bit. A friend shared a ted talk (my first ever) and I then went on a binge, stumbling across Sarah Knight and The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. I have had a number of breakthrough moments this year, where I have learnt to manage my life and depression, and her idea on a fuck budget has helped me use my mental cutlery effectively, while still being a decent human being.

So Christmas…

I don’t celebrate christmas for me, I do it for my children. But I am learning to budget more carefully, to keep them happy and myself well.

My gift to you:

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Sinful Sunday
Sinful spoons was first published on A Leap of Faith.


    1. I love cooking, my wooden spoons are well past the stage of splinters.

      Inserting a teaspoon into your cock sounds intimidating! But I have flared handles on mine. Ouch.
      (The fuck budget is ?

  1. Oh I just love this, and I’m very familiar with the spoon theory and the feeling of running out of spoons. I’m totally going to watch your link as I think at times it’d do me well to give less of a fuck, to some things and people anyway, thanks for sharing ?

    1. What was surprising about “not giving a fuck” is that I can do it without going against my core value of caring about others. I hope it works for you too ?

      1. Just watched it all, makes TOTAL sense! It’s compassionate to self and others, and when it’s put into the context of time, energy and money it’s easy to realise where those things are spent misguidedly to no-one’s benefit. A lot to think about, thank you again for this xx

  2. If you are not familiar with The Bloggess, I highly recommend you read her. She is a mental health blogger, funny as fuck, educates people about things like depression and taxidermy and spoon theories, and brings much-needed levity to life (and those who struggle with it).


    As to your photo: I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at but I *think* that one of those spoons has a hammer-claw(?) or something otherwise cleverly/funnily/horrifyingly grabby; the whole concept of which just makes laugh. Sooo… Well done. 😉

    (And I’ll never think of ‘spooning’ the same again. 😛 )

    1. Thank you for the link. I’d not heard of the Blogess before but will definitely check her out.

      The spoons are just my kitchen tools, bog standard wooden spoons. This is part of a stretching task I had much earlier in the year, I was improvising!

  3. I love how you demonstrate the spoon theory in your image 😉
    I know this time of year is difficult for people with mental health issues and I am thankful that we are having quite a peaceful Christmas this year.

    Rebel xox

    1. Last Christmas was the first one I’ve enjoyed since before I was a teenager. I’ve discovered that I can have a family Christmas my way. Last year it was bacon sandwiches on a camping stove on the moors. This year will be a bbq on the beach. Just me and the boys ❤️

      If I store the spoons there I think they will be safe from people wanting to use them up ?

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