Fire Beaters And Boobs

some fire beaters in the woods with a blonde woman exposing her breasts while holding one.

Back at Easter I went for a walk with my friend Bunny. We laughed, explored and played the whole day. Along the way we saw these fire beaters. Curious to see if I’d be able to put out a small blaze should I stumble across one I lifted one up. It was really heavy!

Bunny knows about my scavenger hunt, and so I asked her if she’d like to help me capture the location. I’ve been trying to get a fire extinguisher for a while now, but they are always in busy spots or under CCTV. This, though, I could do. The path was busy, but we’d have time to cover up before other ramblers came into view. And fire beaters are equipment for extinguishing fires!

The other fire extinguisher post comes from Marie, her 40th location was Firewall. I love the mischief that she and Master T enjoyed on an evening out on the town, and I’m now wondering where I can find a Fire Escape!

Every Damn Day in June

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Fire Beaters And Boobs is my 101st Scavenger Hunt Location. I was looking for a past post including another interesting find on an adventure. I think you’ll enjoy My Dancing Heart In A Graveyard.


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