Celebration of swinging with naked lady on a swing with her breasts out

Celebration Of Swinging

Celebration of swinging with naked lady on a swing with her breasts out

My 68th Scavenger Hunt post is a celebration of swinging! I love the sense of freedom when I push myself as far back as I can, lift my feet and… WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Of I go through the air. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my breasts out on a swing, but this time, with beautiful Bea as my photographer, I really got into the spirit!

With the lockdown restrictions easing, both of us fully vaccinated and testing regularly, I was over the moon to take the trip to see her and her gorgeous dog. One of our evening walks took us through some managed woodland where the the clearings have natural play areas. One was a wonderful rope swing! Swarming with chiildren, a family enjoying the warm spring evening. So we walked on. And we walked round. Then we turned back and found the family vacating the zone. Seeing our chance I hopped on, lifted my top and jumped! I would have Wheeeeee’d some more, but we were to busy giggling!

I’m not the only person to have found themselves on a rope swing with their breasts out. Sub Bee’s post Bird of Prey is the reason that (my) Bea and I hung around in the woods for longer than expected. Sub Bees post, their joy at being out with a friend after so long, and the mischief they all enjoyed together. The very essence of the scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Celebration of Swinging isn’t the first time I’ve commandeered Bea to step behind the lens and capture my breasts for the blog. My trip up between lockdowns last October gave you this post: Keeping Watch At The Lifeguard Tower.


    1. It’s such a refreshing feeling, isn’t it? After the long stretches of claustrophobia. N xx

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