Willy’s Ice-Cream

Willy's Ice-cream van with blonde woman, standing and exposing her breasts beside it.

Can you believe that I got all the way to the end of March without indulging in a Willy’s Ice-cream? Goodness, these little vans of delight are something of a Dartmoor institution. There is nothing like bracing yourself atop a tor, wind threatening to shred your clothes to ribbons, while sampling frozen, creamy deliciousness. The views are spectacular in all directions!

Well, with all the excitement of my first Willy’s Ice-cream of 2022 a decision was made to create some views of my own. With SWL behind the camera, I grasped both cones and cups, and we bagged the location for my Scavenger hunt adventures. Not my most exposed of chests, but they’re both out and- most importantly- I didn’t drop the cones or their contents!

It was one I’d not thought of previously, until late last year when Modesty Ablaze treated us to A Modest Ice cream. The memory of which prompted this photo, taken four months later.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Willy’s Ice-cream is my ninety -ninth scavenger hunt location. And im wondering what the one hundredth will be now. If you haven’t read The Birth Of An Exhibitionist maybe give it a try. It tells the story of my first time.


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