Bunny Gets Revenge With Needles

Bunny gets Revenge header image shows my naked torso with a needle ring around my belly button. There is a colour filter over the image, pink at the top with a fade into turquoise at the bottom.

What happens when you get two kinksters together for fun and mischief? I can’t speak for everyone, but in my case it’s usually something fantastic. Take SWL and I for example, we explore new places together with Scavenger Hunting eyes. And when the lovely Bunny and I get together, well… If it’s not a sea swim at dawn it might be Barefoot behaving in a most unladylike manner with sadistic rope and a giggle, before Bunny gets revenge. With kindness and stabby things.

Of course, the stabby things were all discussed in advance. The unedited version of the above picture shows a beaming smile on my face. As much as I say Bunny was getting her own back it really was amazing. I’ve had a little experience with needles, and the drop was vile afterwards. When I met Bunny in January Needle Play was a hard limit. Fixed. No wiggle room. Imagine my surprise when, mid June, I was asking if she would like to use me as a canvas. Our friendship had developed such that I knew, if I was ever going to try again- stretch myself in that way, it would be her that would be poking me.

Trust, respect, care and fun.

I am a lucky lady. I have a wide and varied group of incredible people in my world. Safe spaces, pockets of calm, deep connections, incredible adventures. And it’s with their permission that I’m able to share moments in time with you here. To celebrate their amazing-ness, and show my gratitude for having me in their world.

Which brings me back to the picture. Taken on Bunny’s bed late one Sunday morning in June. We’d met for a dawn swim, at five am. Honestly, it was magic. If you get the chance to swim in the wild as the world is waking up take it! Plus, you can always have pancakes for breakfast afterwards. After an introduction to sadistic rope, where I was quite mean, Bunny took her revenge on me. Taking great pleasure in creating a couple of patterns, playing with the needles while they were inserting, before removing and spraying me with alcohol spray afterwards.

We took a number of photos together that morning, and I will share more.

But I haven’t quite known how to share my first needle picture. They can be divisive. I’d played around with a Black and White filter on this one but wasn’t quite sure. Spotting the October prompt for Sinful Sunday I wondered what a colour filter would look like. Playing around I love how this edit turned out. It’s the first, black and white with the colours overlaid. It downplayed the needles. They’re not what this post is about really. I’m not 100% ready to share my thoughts on them here yet. I like to process privately before I share publicly.

What this does show is the fun, trust, comfort and love that, I feel, is at the cornerstone of all of my friendships. Pushing boundaries never feels as scary when you’re with someone you trust. While mine are safely stowed with Sir, they are mine to stretch as I see fit. And even if the joy on her face betrayed Bunny, her revenge on this sadistic rigger was perfect. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather have been in that moment.

Sinful Sunday

I’m sharing Bunny Gets Revenge for Sinful Sunday. Click the lips to see what everyone else is up to this week. Or check out my previous Sinful Sunday prompt week offerings here.


  1. Ohh needles… I would so love to indulge in more needle play. No idea when or with who that might be possible but yeah it is definitely on my kinky wishlist


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