Double trouble review header image of the sohimi GABI double ended dildo and packaging

Double Trouble- Sohimi GABI Review

Double trouble review header image of the sohimi GABI double ended dildo and packaging

A little while ago Sohimi contacted me, wondering whether I’d like to test drive something from their range. Looking through their website I was surprised to see the variety of toys on offer, but knowing my body- and the gaps in my toy collection- it didn’t take me long to make my decision. It’s time to introduce GABI, A double ended dildo for double the trouble!

Sohimi are a brand which have been popping up in reviews across the sex blogging community a fair amount recently. For the most part the toys being reviewed are clit stim suction toys, and as I’ve discovered, this is not a sensation which works for me. However, when they made contact I visited their site with an open mind. I found myself pleasantly surprised at their range of vibrators! Their products are affordable, cheerful and body safe.

What more could a discerning sex toy lover require?

I selected the GABI double ended dildo, and made my request. I was informed that they didn’t have it in stock in the UK warehouse, and though they would happily send it I should expect a delay in delivery. As this was the toy I wanted I was happy to wait, thinking if it worked the way I thought then I would happily wait a few weeks for it to be shipped in. However, their “long delay” was 5 days, which is not long at all when considering the distance. I’ve known UK based companies take longer with standard mailing, so don’t be put off when they say it will take a while.

Upon arrival I noted the packaging.

On the outside was a plastic packing bag, with just my address label on. Due to the flimsy nature of a plastic bag, the non-descript box was ever so slightly crumpled on one of the corners, however, the toy was safely mounted in a moulded plastic casing. Dildo, charging cable and remote control were in perfect condition!

Initial inspection of GABI showed that it is 38cm long, made from smooth- but not squeaky- silicone. One end has foreskin ridges, and the other is entirely texture free. The phallus-styled end has a circumference of 13cm, and the smooth end measures in at 12cm. It weighs in at a manageable 325g, and the remote control fits easily between thumb and fingers. The charging port and the power button are positioned near the smoother end. Looking good so far I was impatient to get started.

The instructions told me I had to wait 1.5 hours for the full charge, but the power light would change from flashing to steady when it was ready to go. Inserting the charger I went about my business and popped back periodically to check the lights. Almost exactly on 1.5 hours the flashing stopped and I knew it was time…

Trying something new…

As this is the first vibrating double ender I’ve experienced I was keen to see how these worked. You can control it with the power button on one end or, as would become more practical on use, a remote control. You can’t use the remote control to turn the dildo on and off, however, you can scroll through the patterns once both remote and dildo are turned on. The instructions “Press and hold for 3 seconds to switch on and off” apply to both the dildo and the remote control. They both need to be on to be connected. Sounds simple enough, but in my pre-play rush I hadn’t read the instructions properly and was confused. (Note: The instructions are simple and minimal, this is purely me showing my impatience!)

The vibration patterns are interesting. The first three vibrate at both ends, and gradually increase. The fourth is an alternating rumble with the fifth returning to both ends, but more intermittent vibrations, like machine gun fire but in vibration form. The sixth is a rhythmic pulsing vibration on one end. The final is a pattern on the more textured end, which I started to dance to. The vibrations are strong and deep, rather than feeling buzzy as other budget toys have been known to feel. This is perfect for me as I need the rumbles to penetrate my core. And the strength of vibrations outstrips vibrators of a much higher price-point. I definitely can’t grumble at that!

Double the dildo, double the trouble?

As a (mostly) solo player, I want my double penetration dildos to fill both holes. However, I also want it to be practical for sharing with a lover. What I noticed in the site images was the way it bends in the middle. The photos are no exaggeration. I was able to enjoy the GABI in exactly the way I’d hoped on that first trial. Using the remote control I was also able to test out the vibrations and alternating the patterns. I’m pleased to share that the remote control works even when the sensor is positioned internally.

The dildo itself is firm, and holds it’s shape very well. I believe there is strong spring like contraption inside which makes it stay in position. When it is in situ for double penetration it also holds its shape comfortably. No ripping apart of under carriages here!

As is my way, I wanted to try all possible positions for the toy.

However, I have been unable to share with a lovely lady, so pussy-to-pussy sharing will need to wait. No matter though, Sohimi are keen to promote their sex toys for penis owners! How could I resist when Rico stepped up to the plate and gave me the opportunity to experience a long held fantasy. Penis-in-vagina with ass-to-ass connection. (I’m sure there’s a more common name for it but for the purpose of this review, lets stick with that!) As discussed in my review of Rico, vibrations don’t carry through his flesh. But the experiment had a very satisfactory conclusion regardless. I can see how the vibrations would carry more through natural flesh, but I work with what I have and there was no shortage of grins after my Rico and GABI threesome. Now, there’s an image!!

There is little better than a sex toy with different functions.

Now, I’m a masochist. Pain play is a large part of my dynamic- I earn my pain, but he knows I need it. Impact play is also part of a number of my friendships across the community. It seemed natural to me, to see how GABI felt when used as an impact toy. I was testing the flex anyway, if I could double the trouble with a different kind of testing surely that would be great. Well, I tried it. I took the textured end in hand and took aim at my thigh.

My nerves are getting better at self inflicting this way, but at the last minute I lost power in my arm. The smooth end bumped my thigh with a heavy thunk. However, it didn’t hurt so I tried again. Harder but not too much. This time it gave a deep ache as well as a stingy slap. In the interests of science I struck myself a few more times delighted in the discovery that I was becoming marked. I can’t imagine that Sohimi will recommend this as a use for their vibrator, so take my adventures with a few words of caution. This was a heavy impact self-administered by a woman who loves pain play. If you decide to integrate the double ended dildo into your play in this way… Proceed with extreme care!

double trouble means Marks on thigh following unlikely impact play.

In my excitement I decided to check the vibrations once more post impact, to make sure nothing was broken… And everything was in working order. Including me!!

What about after my double trouble experiments with GABI?

The Sohimi GABI is made from body safe silicon, and is 100% waterproof. This means that you can play in the bath or shower, if that is your thing. And once you have finished playing you can clean up quickly and easily. Washing off in a mild soap and water, wiping down with toy cleaner, even popping through the dishwasher. Whatever your cleaning style, you don’t need to worry about it being damaged.

So, what did I really think?

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sohimi double ended dildo offering. The smooth silicone is not squeaky, a sensation I find off putting. Retailing at $39.99, pound for pound it could be the most powerful vibrator I have ever tried. The rumbly sensations delivered through each end (together and separately) are enough to get this insensitive female masturbator over the line. WITHOUT additional input from my Doxy. Amazing really, considering the price point. I’m looking forward to sharing with a lady, but on my adventures so far I’ve found it to be a versatile and very welcome addition to my toy bag. One that I will be enjoying repeatedly for as long as it can keep up with me.

Sohimi sent me the GABI double ended dildo in exchange for a fair and honest review. Affiliate links have been used in Double Trouble. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you, but helps fund my blog so I can continue sharing great content. If you use the code ALF10 then you can make a saving of 10% off of your order too!

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  1. wonderful review as always, I’ve bookmarked the company as they have some good looking toys for me to use on my male subs, lol so a 10% discount would be very handy lol

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