The barefoot sub gets seriously creative with some body painting. An eye in the surrealist style on a rainbow backdrop.

Seriously Creative

The barefoot sub gets seriously creative with some body painting. An eye in the surrealist style on a rainbow backdrop.
Over recent months I have been forced to develop my creative nature. I say “forced” very much tongue in cheek. It has been a joy to be growing in this way. Through a series of tasks set by Sir my confidence has grown. My self-set to-do lists have embedded that confidence, with work on images for monochromerotic, and February Photo Fest– among others- being well received. I’ve particularly enjoyed stretching myself for the sinful sunday prompts, but when the March theme was announced mid-february I shied away from it.

Why did I do this?

This month Molly was asking us to think about surrealism, to incorporate that into our sinful sunday offerings. Looking at the links shared in the post I decided that I am not an artist and so I’d sit this one out. Leave it to the many wonderful and talented participants and take a well deserved rest from challenging my imagination. My decision was probably fixed in place by the fear of not fully understanding the topic. Or of being “good enough” to pull it off.
While I pride myself in making a plan and sticking to it, I love being available for Sir and his desires. On friday afternoon I received a task. To create some body art. Either on myself or with a friend. Knowing my time constraints this weekend I couldn’t commit to seeing SWL, my bubble buddy. And the friend I would have guided through the task via zoom is up against it with her studies. So that left me with my own body.

But what about inspiration?

What you may have learnt about me, if you read my posts, is that I like to stretch myself. For me, yes. And for Sir, most definitely! So I nervously came back to the prompt post and went on a tour of google for inspiration. Before I went to bed I’d found a couple of ideas. By lunchtime I was able to sketch out what I hoped to achieve. By bedtime I was a gloriously happy painted submissive.
It isn’t perfect, but I am still at the very beginning of my body art learning journey. There were lessons I have taken from my attempt for It’s a jungle out there and there are things I have taken from this piece, which I can use to improve next time.
If anybody has any tips- creative or practical- for me on how to paint UNDER my breasts, I would love to hear them!
Sinful Sunday

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  1. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to paint yourself with nothing but the aid of a mirror and your imagination (something I’ve been lacking in greatly for a few weeks). This turned out splendid and I love that you’ve completed something you thought you couldn’t do, and stepped out of your comfort zone! What a fantastic task 🙂

  2. It was a particularly difficult prompt and I think a number of us struggled with it. But what you’ve created here is fabulous, I definitely had to look a little harder to see what I was seeing.

  3. Seriously impressed with this Barefoot – I had to look twice to see which bit of you was your canvass! I particularly like the way the ‘pupil’ seems to reflect an image – I see a cat, or is that just me?

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