Rope and body painting on the barefoot subs legs for post First TMI Tuesday for 2021

My First TMI Tuesday of 2021

Rope and body painting on the barefoot subs legs for post First TMI Tuesday for 2021

So, it’s time for my first TMI Tuesday of 2021! The theme from this week was “Borrowed from around the internet” which probably gives you some idea as to the randomness those of us who participate this week can expect. Mind you, I can’t complain. The last time I joined in was a completely random selection again, so maybe that explains why I pick these weeks to link up? Anyway, without further ado

Here are the answers for my first TMI Tuesday of 2021:

1. When was the last time you tried something new?

It isn’t a rare occurrence for me to try new things; I’m a fan of expanding my culinary repertoire for example. But as my blog is generally NSFW I am going to share the latest kinky addition. Body art is something that Sir has been tasking me with over the last year. This has taken a number of forms, but body painting felt an insurmountable challenge to begin with. I can be creative, but artistic is something I am not!

When I was joined by Dr Lovelace for a post birthday tie-and-paint session via zoom things started to make a bit more sense. Rope has been a source of calm since I started tying 4 years ago, and apparently it relaxes me enough that my inner artist can run free. In whatever abstract direction that goes, as shown above. I was so happy with the results that I was inspired to create something bigger. To test my newly found skills. I was so proud that I shared it here, for Sinful Sundays December prompt.

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

Theodore Roosevelt is often quoted as saying “Comparison is the thief of joy” and there is a huge amount of truth in this. Since I have stopped comparing myself to others I am much happier, and it is only when I am in a particularly negative headspace that I overthink throw-away comments and compare myself. The one exception to this negative thought process is when I compare myself to the me of yesterday. How much have I learnt, and what has changed for me? I also compare myself to the woman I will be tomorrow. And face today’s realisations which questions that help formulate a plan. What happened to make that go so wrong? How can I do things differently to make sure I do better in future? My belief is that this is a much healthier way to live.

3. What gets you excited about life?

Oh goodness, what a question! The possibilities that we are faced with as we pass through life are so exciting. Being brave enough to take those opportunities is scary but wonderful. There is always something new to learn or appreciate. With my NSFW content in mind I will think back a couple of Sundays when I was able to attend the SafeworD/s Club discussion on exactly this . Among us there was  a range of people sharing. We all had varying experience levels and differing kinks, but the thread that binds us all together…? Not only is kink and fetish thrilling when you first start out, that continues as your experience grows and your kinks evolve. This is certainly the way things are for me!

4. Are you satisfied with your work?

I’m a perfectionist the kind of woman who strives for excellence. Achieving satisfaction is only possible when I have done my best. Sir works hard to keep this as my main focus: perfect outcome being less important than 100% effort. Which I will always give. After all, were I entirely satisfied with my work then I may forget to strive for excellence. Then the risk increases that I may stop pushing myself to improve and do better.

5. What have people most often praised you for?

My patience!

Which always makes me chuckle…

If only they knew.

Bonus: When you think of your home, what immediately comes to mind?

Currently… Arghhhhh, homeschooling!

Swiftly followed by: my comfy spot on the living room floor, where I can watch my smalls. I’m at just the right angle to not really be seen as they camp out on the sofa, and laugh, draw, read or just watch TV.

January Jumpstart

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  1. very nice . love the legs tied and painted. Thanks for sharing and homeschooling when shall it end?
    We have 4 in the house sometimes the net slows to a crawl. Love the link back to the beautiful forest and leaves.

    1. Four? Blimey! I’ve just got the two. Hats off to you Sindee.

      The legs was a fun project, not only was it a task well done, I got to share some fun times with my friend.

      1. we were at 5 but the teacher had to go back to classroom teaching. in home 4 girls 8th , 6th, 4th and 3rd. it cam be fun and hair raising. 3 different lunch times. i do enjoy your pics

  2. Hello and hi! Welcome to TMI Tuesday (that was nearly Tiesday, which you know, would have been appropriate!). We’re kinky British foodies over here, too. 🙂 . Hope to read from you again sometime!

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