Naked lady painted to be part of the jungle.

It’s A Jungle Out There.

Naked lady with monstera leaves painted onto her torso for post: It's a jungle out there

More to the point, it’s a jungle in here!

The Sinful Sunday prompt for December is J. Looking at the post I looked around the house in a resigned manner. The letter J doesn’t inspire me particularly, I thought. Not like I. You see, I is for Icecream stretched my boundaries. Noticing the array of plants I have scattered around my house I wondered if I could sit on my window sill, just on show enough for it to look truly sinful. The idea of Barefoot’s Jungle taking shape.

While completing a task for Sir last month, shortly after the prompt was released, I was busy painting myself. This wasn’t the first attempt at painting myself, and it showed. Each time I have tried it there has been a marked improvement. As I washed off the layers of paint a thought popped into my head. By the time I was giving Sir an update on the task I had decided that for my jungle scene I would be part of the flora. Monstera leaves being instantly recognisable to the vast majority and straightforward to draw perhaps? Well, there seemed little to hold me back.

Little other than fear.

Fear of getting it wrong, not being good enough, making myself look stupid…

The list goes on. However, this is a train of thought that Sir has helped me with previously, and so I was able to talk myself out of this spiral of self doubt. In this case I really wanted to try, and by being scared I was allowing a self limiting behaviour to take over. Why not just try it, soon. Give myself plenty of time so if things were to go horribly wrong then time would be on my side for further plans to take shape.

It was actually a lot of fun. This unartistic artist managed to pull off the design freehand, and without too much angst. Sure, if I were to try again I would do certain things differently. But that is the joy of life. We can do something, learn from the experience and adapt our approach next time. Seriously, if you could see my first attempt at body painting…

Anyway, welcome to my jungle!

Sinful Sunday

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    1. Never would have considered it a possibility but for the faith of a firm man. It is an interesting development indeed! N xx

  1. It’s amazing you did this by yourself, you are so skilled! Also you were very helpful as I was discussing getting one of these plans with my OH and he didn’t know what I was talking about although I’m hoping he doesn’t think I’ll be standing in the corner with a painted version on me!

    1. Well, if that’s what he decides and he’d like a hand with the painting… *raising my hand*

  2. Can’t shouldn’t be won’t. As the wise on said “there is no try only do. Do it do not.” In the doing is failing in failing learning. Your work here is beautiful and is a credit to your learning.

    I am working on the I can’t in my life and trying things. Posts like these help inspire me to try more.
    Thanks for inspiration.

    I gave my Kitten a painting kit for lovers. Put a tarp down, supplied canvas on top. Take provided paints and use as you see fit on each other. Then make love on the canvas. Put the dried canvas on a stretcher and hang.
    You have a piece of art to hang that people will order where your abstract art came and we can just smile.

    Now I have even more incentive to try the kit, posting in-process and final product pics!
    Lovely work.

    1. That is a quote that Sir has used with me before, there is a massive amount of truth in it, for certain.

      I hope you and kitten enjoy creating the art, and I really hope you share the finished product.

      I’m glad I could inspire you!

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