Exposed breasts beside a courier van, for post Special delivery service

Special Delivery Service

Exposed breasts beside a courier van, for post Special delivery service

Before lockdown started, a year ago now, I would see courier vans taking care of their special delivery service on a semi regular basis. As the months of restrictions passed the volume of branded traffic has increased massively. Where the route that I live on once had one DPD driver, now there are 5 regular ones that pass my home daily, plus the holiday cover and unmarked vehicles. This does not include the other companies, or the royal mail staff who tirelessly pound the pavements.

They seem to swarm around like bees!

SWL had been egging me on to place an order and ask my favourite driver if I could use his van for a selfie. Then reveal my breasts at the last minute. While I’m fairly brazen and a risk taker, those risks are calculated. And this was a line I had no desire to cross. On a visit to another friend one night last October I pulled into a parking space on the busy seafront they live on, and realised I was behind a DPD van. Looking up and down the esplanade I saw some breaks in the early evening dog walkers and calculated how long I would have.

Long enough, I decided.

And so, this is how I ended up exposed beside a delivery van on a blustery autumn night. But what about other scavenger hunters? This week I’m sharing Molly’s post Premium Meat. Her summer holiday adventures led to delivery vans being a new location and I’m pretty pleased she submitted it.

In these strange times there is more opportunity than ever to tick this location one off of the list. Who else is going to take the leap?

Scavenger Hunt Bronze Special delivery service is part of my Scavenger Hunt explorations. 

This meme holds such a special place in my heart. Find out why in this post: The birth of an exhibitionist.


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