Digital Artwork of barefoot as she works on the goal to live her best life.

Goal for 2021: Live My Best Life

Digital Artwork of barefoot as she works on the goal to live her best life.
Artwork: Dirty_eyes_

I have spoken before about the importance of goal setting for me. How this encourages me to live my best life. So, is it surprise to discover I’m not one to write new years resolutions? I used to, in an old life, but it seems that the challenge with them was how quickly I could give up. Hindsight suggests that these resolutions were not based around my hopes and dreams. Rather what I felt was expected of me.

June saw me reflecting on my writing, and I set myself some challenges. In October Sir asked me to share my goals up until the end of 2021. He asked for a brief description of how I intend to achieve each of them. As the months tick by I get more and more ideas, things to do and places to go. With each addition I become more excited but less focussed. The overwhelm takes over. This is a bad habit of mine, the perpetual starter. Sir and his tasks have helped me realise I can be the finisher I aspire to be. But outside of his Dominance and control I still find this a struggle. This is something that I have asked for help with, and I’m sure I will get better. Like most things, I just need to learn, practise and gain confidence in the required skills.

Learning to live my best life was not meant to be easy, right?

My submission feels very controlled, smooth, calm. His tasks push me to my boundaries but never past them. If it looks like they are going that way he halts my work, I am ever in his care. But the more confidence I gain there, the more I want to achieve on my own. This is a great thing, exciting and terrifying in equal measure. But while he knows where my limits are and knows when to put the brakes on, I sometimes lose sight of those. Perhaps because it is all so new? You see, the growth that Sir has nurtured in me, along with my own developing drive and determination, has been rapid.

The further along the path I go, the more doors I open.

Opportunities for further growth present themselves with increased regularity and I am finding it hard to keep track. Add in my family, studies, work, running, health… It is no wonder I get into a pickle occasionally! A victim of my own energetic determination, perhaps? Mind you, the word victim is one that I have worked hard to shake off. And I avoid it at all costs. I was a victim, but no more, especially not to my own potential. Asking Sir for help does not absolve me of responsibility, that is not where my submission to him comes from. Dare I say, I don’t believe that is something either of us would enjoy!

So I began to look for solutions to my problem.

I am a lover of notebooks, my favourite is my task pad. Where I note down and plan the tasks that Sir sets me. However, my life goals belong in different sections. While I have been trying to use a different notebook for each theme of challenges I have got myself into a bit of a muddle. Trying to find the right pad to note down a new idea, or tick something off a checklist, takes longer than it should. Then I get in a muddle and lose track. So I have ordered the ultimate book for my needs, compete with index labels, dividers and the ability to add pages. This year I look forward to becoming as organised in my everyday as I am in my submission. I am aware that this is a project in it’s own right, ANOTHER self-set task. But if this works as I think it should something massively exciting will happen…

My goals for 2021, including to live life to the best of my ability, will be entirely achievable!

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  1. I love how your Sir helps you, not only to set you tasks, but also to pull you back when you tend to go too far. And notebooks… I love them! I love your dedication to your tasks 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. He deserves nothing less than dedication. I’m a very lucky submissive. I just need improve that organisation across the board. N xx

    2. I think my dedication to tasks is an indicator of my dedication to Sir. As we are long distance they are the main focus of our relationship and connection. Sometimes kinky, other times not.

      He is frustratingly accurate on gauging my needs. Frustrating because I’m trailing so far behind in understanding myself! 😉 N xx

  2. I admire your determination to change and better yourself, you seem to channel your energies very positively, already your are reading more and joining in book discussions – hurrah.

    Stationery to help organise ourselves has been a recurring theme in some of this week’s posts and it has made me envious. I think 1 book for all things sounds marvellous. If you bought it on-line I’d be grateful if you shared me the link (even better if it is good looking!) Onward BF, you can do this!

    1. I certainly try, Posy. I’ve learnt that living like this gives me more positive energy and drive to move forward. The book club has been brilliant. It’s nice to be reading again, and I never imagined discussing them would be so much fun.

      I’m excited (and nervous) about the planner. Once I’m organised there can be no excuses 😉

      Here is the link for the planner:

      I’ve also got some extra bits and pieces, to make it work for me. Dividers, additional pages and index markers will make it easier to keep as a working document. I hope:

      We’ve got this!

  3. I am back – trying to remember what I wrote the first time – I mentioned the planner sounds wonderful – my daughter uses one – she loves all the bits that come with them, stickeys, labels etc – and I am confident you will live the best life u possibly can – i feel that from what I know about you.
    Awesome image btw
    May x

    1. Its a relief to read that these planners are loved by others who use them. I’m sure it will aid in my master plan/goal.
      N xx

  4. At the beginning of the year, many try to plan their lives and set certain goals for themselves. Your goals seem very noble. I wish you to achieve them and let the exciting thing you hope to happen.

    1. Thank you Mary. It is all of the little goals behind the main focus that will need keeping an eye on. If I can do that then I should be winning!

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