Naked and bound in the woods, amongst the wild garlic, for the post never too old to set new goals.

Never Too Old To Set A New Goal

Naked and bound in the woods, amongst the wild garlic, for the post never too old to set new goals.

It has been so long since I have been able to write anything. Words disappeared for a while. I set this goal, to keep up with my blog, but I struggled. Recently, however, I have been feeling the words start to bubble up. And when I saw the prompt for this weeks Food 4 Thought I realised it’s the perfect place to start. To work towards the old goal which is still present.

The arrival of the wild garlic, Celendines and the first sleepy bumble bees show me that springtime is well and truly here, I’m reminded of mischief in the woods. It feels like time to nudge my blog from it’s hibernation. To make It also has a certain synchronicity given that my last post was also for the same meme. Here is the prompt:

Hopes and Dreams 

Times are tough right now but I hope we are all still remembering to hold onto and nurture our Hopes and Dreams. Perhaps your hopes and dreams for the future have changed recently or maybe the inability to act on them during this current climate has intensified your need to realise them once normality resumes.

The idea of hopes and dreams is an interesting one.

Over the last  five or six years I have come to see that a goal is a dream with a plan. Last year I achieved some amazing goals, some landmark achievements in my vanilla world. On completion of these I took stock, looked for the next landmark and made plans. The plans have been a brilliant way to focus on the here and now, when I see the bigger picture it becomes easier to focus on the smaller details somehow. The restrictions currently in place have really squished my running agenda! But no matter, I will continue to do what I can and look forward to resuming my plans when it is appropriate to do so. It looks like this will mean adding a year on to my timescale. It’s ok, my first 100 miler will just have to wait until 2023! (I have mentioned I’m a masochist, haven’t I?)

I used to dream of having friends.

Over the last few years I have reconnected with pre-P friends, and also made a lot of new friends. I’ve been welcomed into the kink community with open arms and have found a social circle in the trail running world who seem to share my values of fun and the love of life. While mainly vanilla in my interactions I have a knack for making people open up. Like Runner J and other kinky waifs and strays you will encounter as we go. My goal with these friendships is to give back to them as much love, hope and joy as they bring to my world.

And that brings me back to my blog…

In order to introduce the colourful people that brighten my world I will need to write here regularly. I have missed the blogging community and writing, but been a bit lost for words at times. I certainly feel inspired to continue now. And I think I must be a slow processor as I have been mulling over Eroticon 2019 recently, and believe that I am ready to start implementing the things I have learnt there.  If I can take the inspiration and learning, then hopefully I will be able to contribute something beautiful.

But my most important goal is to be the best I can be…

You’re never too old to set this goal. We can always look for a new place to branch out, diversify, challenge ourselves to be better versions of who we are.

For those important people in my world. We all have tasks, and I am grateful for this pause, these restrictions. It has given me a chance to reflect on life in general, but also as a submissive, and even more importantly a mum.

Life is all about the lessons we can learn along the way. Is there always a silver lining? To find one when hopes, dreams and goals are in limbo will feel like I’m winning. I shall enjoy the opportunity to nurture relationships remotely with all of the lovely folk who fill my world with sunshine. I am also excited to have so much time to learn with my children. To have playtime when they/we are not tired and cranky from a busy, busy day. Also really finding the time to get to know the lovely boys they are growing into.

Sinful Sunday

You are never too old to set a new goal was first published on A Leap of Faith


  1. I think we all should always have hopes and dreams, and especially now should hang onto them, as the future is so uncertain, the world an upside down place. It’s good to see you writing again.

    Love your image!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you Marie. It is a joy to be writing again. When the world is wonky it helps to have an anchor. These goals are, I think, my way of holding my position.

      I hope you are well xx

  2. Your images are amazing and so nice to see your writing and i agree it is always a positive thing to reflect on what has gone and what u hope for the future
    May x

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ŠRope is delicious! It can be sexy AND uncomfortable, but while I love sadistic rope I also love predicaments and lovely, gentle rope hugs. Plenty of avenues to explore.

    1. Thank you Elliot. I can’t believe it’s been a year since this picture was taken, but it felt right to pick up where I left off.

  3. Oh my, this is amazing. At first I thought you were doing like a tarzan swing until I noticed your foot tied too. Looks like a predicament almost, certainly an over time uncomfortable position

    1. The tie itself felt so natural and comfortable, it wasn’t until late the following day that I realised why my shoulders were aching!

      I always have so much fun with this friend when we catch up for ropey walks.

    1. Thank you K, you have kept me inspired to make photos, even though I have been offline for so long. Thank you for that, and I’m so pleased you have enjoyed this one! xxx

  4. so good to see you writing again and flying in nature, your words always inspire me . x x “hold fast to dreams , for when dreams go, life is a broken winged bird that can not fly”

    1. This was a very fun day indeed, one that we were just laughing about last week, 11months on! And it’s lovely to be back again, thank you

  5. It is wonderful to see you back on Sinful Sunday and blogging again. I have missed your amazing work. This shot so makes me want to be tied up in the woods. The whole idea of it just thrills me


    1. Thank you Molly. There have been so many times over the last 6 months I’ve stalked through the sinful sunday posts and wanted to share. So many wonderful people to inspire me to come out of hiding again. I’m all set for prompt week!

      There is something magical about rope in the woods. Especially in springtime. X

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