Watch You Sleep.

Goodness me, with all of the preparation for February Photo Fest, it has been old tiring time. I was very pleased to be able to participate and share some of the images I’ve been creating over recent years. Also, it has been lovely to get picture ideas in my head and then make them happen on screen. Such as the image here for watch you sleep, my penultimate post for the month. I am developing in this area, that’s for sure. The theme I set for this week, voyeuristic delights, certainly added a different level of create head scratching.

But there was another reason for joining in.

I had so many things that I wanted to do on my blog, and for writing elsewhere. What I hoped to achieve was binge-scheduling for here, and then taking my writing time during February. Making a start on this other exciting list. It is part of my goal for 2021, to live my best life.

Well, I have been busy.

Some things you’ll be able to see elsewhere, other things you may only be aware of because the functioning of my site has been a little… Sporadic? Temperamental? Either way, it’s a technophobes nightmare. Though I am proud there were no tears, just sleepless nights!

Have I achieved everything on my to-do list? Did the month go to plan? Well… Not quite. But as I say to Sir, I have a way to go before I’m managing my self-set challenges with the aplomb he demonstrates when filling my weeks with his wonderful tasks. Anyway, it’s all practising a new set of skills, and I’m pleased with the steps I have taken. And so, while I take it easy, with the sheepskin rugs and crinkly soles, I’ll take a moment to reflect. To celebrate my progress and dream up new ways to develop myself.

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February Photofest

Watch you sleep has been shared for mindful moments, a positivity meme also hosted by me.

Here is another post, this time celebrating achievements from last year.: My top 9 for 2020.


    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them Marie. I am so glad I took the leap! Some great “old” images were rediscovered, and it was an interesting exercise in taking new shots. So much to learn though.

      No rest for the wicked though, I’ve got a MILF post to write! X

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